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How To Keep Your House Cool Naturally

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The warm summer is just around the corner. As a result, many homeowners are looking for ways to stay cool while dealing with the high humidity and heat. This is especially true for structures unequipped with central air conditioning or people who want to lower their cooling expenses. Luckily, there are several highly effective and natural methods to stay cool, even when the outdoor temperatures start rising. This article discusses how to keep house cool in summer naturally.

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How To Keep Your House Cool Naturally

Here are some practical tips to help your home stay cool naturally this summer:

Stay Cool by Blocking the Heat

homeowner closing curtain to block the sun

One of the best ways you can ensure the indoor temperatures stay cool and comfortable is by preventing it from getting hot in the first place. It isn’t always possible to keep the increasing outdoor temperatures from causing indoor temperatures to soar. However, keeping the shades and curtains closed during the day can prevent the sun from getting inside the windows and raise the temperatures inside your home. The direction that your windows face also makes a significant impact. For instance, consider using a thermal barrier if your window faces south, so the heat stays out. The summer sun can bring intense heat, so blocking it is the best way to keep your home cool.

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Open Windows When It’s Cool Outside

Temperatures typically drop at night and remain low until the early morning. This period is a good chance to open windows to allow a cool breeze inside your home. It will help move the warm air out, so fresh, cool air takes its place. Moreover, the outdoor temperature may not be cooler, but the feeling of moving air helps you feel more comfortable and cooler. Opening windows on opposite sides of your home helps create a cross breeze through them. Ensure interior doors are left open so the air can move around freely.

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Put Your Refrigerator and Freezer to Good Use

A cold beverage is definitely a great option to cool down. However, this drink won’t last long. You can get longer relief by freezing water in a plastic disposable water bottle, a reusable ice pack, or a hot water bottle. Place the cold bottle on your forehead or nape for quick and cool relief. Place the ice pack or chilled bottle under your feet during bedtime to help you sleep comfortably. Remember to wrap frozen ice packs in a thin towel to protect your skin.

Put your pillowcase or sheets in the refrigerator if you need additional cooling benefits. You can even put your socks in your refrigerator! Having a cool bed and cool feet definitely helps you sleep more comfortably.

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Adjust Your Ceiling Fan

ceiling fan use in summer to keep cool and reduce energy costs

Many people don’t realize that a typical ceiling fan is designed to have two rotating directions. During the summer, move the small switch on the motor housing’s side so the blades rotate counterclockwise. This pulls warm air up the ceiling, with the cooler air staying down for you and your family to enjoy.

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Pay Attention to Your Lights

Turning off the lights in unoccupied rooms is always a good idea. This helps in energy conservation and reducing electric bills while keeping your home cooler. Incandescent bulbs aren’t efficient. They can get fairly hot, leading to warmer temperatures in your home. Aside from turning off unnecessary lights, consider converting to cooler, energy-efficient bulbs.

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Dine Outside

image of a homeowner grilling outside to prevent heat inside home

Try to limit your oven or stove usage. They help make cooking easy, but they tend to add more heat indoors. If you own a hibachi or an outdoor grill, make these your go-to cooking methods when temperatures increase. This keeps the heat out of the kitchen. It also means you and your family can enjoy eating outside where it’s a little cooler.

Take a Cold Shower

A cold shower is a quick and easy way to cool down. After all, cold water feels amazing when you feel hot and sticky. It also assists in lowering your core temperature, making you feel cooler even after showering.

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Make Your Own DIY Air Conditioner

A fan and some ice can be used to make a homemade air conditioner. This can provide relief on a hot summer day. Freeze water in a small bucket, ice cube tray, or mixing bowl. You can also utilize a plastic milk jug by cutting the top off first to freeze water at the bottom. Put the ice on a tray or pan and place it in front of a fan. The fan blows air over the ice, cooling the air and providing a wonderful treat against the heat.

Additionally, consult your trusted HVAC technician about installing a ductless air conditioner in your home. These HVAC systems are energy efficient and provide zoned cooling. This feature is excellent for homes without ducts or if you want to lower your cooling expenses.

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Switch to Cotton Sheets

Light-weight cotton sheets help you stay cool during nighttime. They are made of breathable natural fibers, so your body heat doesn’t become trapped in your bedding. You can also opt out of using moisture-wicking sheets if you get sweaty at night.

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These easy and affordable tips help ensure your family stays cool and comfy despite the summer heat. Try them out and see if these work best for you. You can also combine several ideas so you get the best benefit.

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