On & Off Road Diesel Fuel Delivery

We provide On Road Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel used in on road vehicles, trucks, and buses. Setting up advanced delivery schedules with Skylands is easy and convenient and we help keep your costs low with our highly competitive prices.

on and off road diesel fuel delivery

Skylands Energy keeps your business running efficiently with automatic On or Off road diesel fuel delivery to fuel tanks at your business or at the job-site with Off Road Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel used in off road equipment and generator tanks.

Keep your business running during a prolonged power outage by having a backup power system and Automatic Delivery with Skylands Energy Service, “you can depend on us”.

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Off-road diesel is also referred to as dyed diesel. This is a special classification of diesel fuel indicating that it can only be used in “off road” machines. In order words, machinery that does not operate on highways or public roads. Vehicles that fall into this classification are farm equipment, tractors, front-end loaders, marine vessels, various construction equipment (bull dozers, steam rollers, cranes, etc) and railway cars. Generators also utilize off-road diesel.

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