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Generac Home Backup Generators  

Do you remember Hurricane Sandy in 2012? More than 2 million houses in New Jersey were without power for several days after the storm.

We install emergency backup power generators in your home or business.

Get Total Comfort, Security & Convenience with a Home Backup Power Solution by Skylands

Skylands is here to help you make sure your home or business remains comfortable and secure with the ultimate convenience of 24/7 electrical power, regardless of external forces. Generac home backup power generators are permanently installed in your home and run on natural gas or propane. When you lose power, these units turn on automatically, delivering power directly to your home. There are different sizing options, giving you the flexibility to power your entire home or just the essential circuits that you can’t live without.

Automatic Power

Your Generac home backup generator will automatically turn on when your home loses power.

No Refueling Necessary

Generac generators run on your existing natural gas or propane, eliminating the need to hassle with gas cans and trips to the gas station.

Direct Power

Put away the extension cords! Your Generac home backup generator powers up your electrical panel, providing power to your existing electrical lines.

Generac is the #1 Selling Brand of Backup Generators

Generac is the industry leader in the home backup generator industry. Generac systems are preferred by 7 out of every 10 homeowners that have installed a backup power system.

Always On

Emergencies happen at anytime, 24/7/365. You can rely on a trusted backup power system that has been proven to pull through when you and your family need it most.

Powerful Backup Solutions For Your Home 

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The Generac Guardian® Series generator automatically starts up within seconds of power loss to your home and runs as long as needed until the utility power returns.


7 out of 10 homeowners that have a backup power system trust Generac backup home generators over other brands.


Most competitive prices with best warranties available.


What You Need To Know About Backup power Generators

Installing a home backup generator is a big investment. Here is what you need to know to make the best decision.

How Do I Select The Best Sized Generator?

You can choose many different sizes based on your needs. Generac generators are capable of powering your entire home or just a few select circuits that are “must-haves” in your home. The best option is to contact us for a free, in-home assessment so we can size the best generator to fit your needs and budget.

How Much Is The Investment?

Basic home backup generators start at $1899 and go up from there based on needs. We offer the most cost effective solution in the area. Installation costs vary, based upon your home, size of the unit and other factors. We recommend contacting us for a free, in-home assessment.

What’s Involved in Installing a Generac Generator?

Knowing that you have automatic backup power to your home is reassuring. We will prepare a location on the exterior of your home for the generator, run a gas or propane line, install a power transfer switch and modify your home’s electrical panel. When we are done, your home will be prepared for its first power outage.

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