Cap Plan For Heating Oil

With our Cap Plan, your fuel oil cost is capped at our per gallon Cap Price determined each summer, and your payments are spread evenly across the year. The price you pay can never go above the Cap Price, and you are saved from spikes.

budget cap oil price protection

Downside Price Protection

You will always pay the lesser of the market price or the cap price with downside protection.*

The $.15/gal cost of downside participation will be added to your budget payment. Thus, our average customer burning 800 gallons a year will receive full downside protection for roughly $10.00 a month.

Please call us if you have any questions, need to know your consumption from prior years, or to find out how to enroll.

Call (908) 707-1776

New Customers Get Details on Price Plans Here

Current Customers Visit Your Online Portal To Sign Up

Participating customers on all plans must be on automatic delivery. This is a limited time offer, available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Early termination penalties apply.

*Downside Participation or Protection: if the price of oil drops, you get the benefit of the lower price

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