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Why Is HVAC Airflow So Important For My Home?

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HVAC systems need adequate airflow to ensure that they perform excellent heating and cooling. Conditioned air in an average home has a movement rate of around 1,000 cubic feet per minute. It goes through filters, ductwork, and vents. Homeowners can expect balanced temperatures, high energy efficiency, durable components, and low operating costs if all parts work as they should. Still, many homes have problems with their HVAC airflow, which can cause discomfort. For instance, your home may suffer from uneven temperatures, when one room feels warm while another feels cold.

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The Importance Of HVAC Airflow

Here are a few causes behind your HVAC airflow issues in your home:

Restrictive HVAC Filters

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Air filters are needed to have better indoor air quality and prevent damage to your system. They catch dirt, pollen, dust mites, pet dander, bacteria, tobacco smoke, and mold spores. Filters help protect your family’s health. However, their usability is limited. The layer of dirt can get thick as time passes, which can restrict the airflow into the system. Filters should be replaced every 2-3 months to prevent this. Some homes need their HVAC filters replaced more often. A good practice is to check it once a month and replace it as required.

Make sure that your filter is one the system can handle. Several homeowners might shift to filters with high MERV ratings to enhance indoor air quality. These are better at trapping airborne particles but also restrict airflow. The speed of the fan may need to be adjusted to handle this. High-efficiency filters also need to be replaced more frequently.

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Leaky HVAC Ducts

Holes and cracks may form in ducts over the years. Incorrect installation, poor-quality materials, excess air pressure, or pest infestation can cause this. Studies show that approximately one-third to one-half of the air in the ductwork leaks out in most homes. This is especially a problem for rooms furthest from the system because hot air from the heating system might not reach them during the cold season. As a result, you will feel cold even if you crank up the settings. A professional can assist you in finding and sealing these leaks permanently. Call a certified HVAC technician to repair your leaky HVAC ducts right away.

Blocked HVAC Vents

If a room in your home doesn’t reach the desired temperature despite the system settings, check the vents in that area. It could be that a piece of furniture or an extra-long curtain blocks the vents. A previous occupant may have also closed the grates. Once you remove the obstruction, check if the room situation improves. If it doesn’t, check the other listed items in this article.


Closed Damper Valve

All HVAC systems have a way of regulating airflow. Many depend on damper valves to decrease or increase the airflow to specific zones. They can also stop the flow if needed, such as when no one is in a room. Some damper valves are manually controlled, while others can be automatically controlled per the thermostat’s programming. If you can find the manual dampers, make sure they have the correct position. Use the lever to adjust if needed. If you have faulty automatic dampers, you should seek help from an HVAC technician who can look into the electrical system.

Crushed Flex Duct

Air ducts are made of various materials. Many are made of thick metal because they are durable. Others are made of plastic for their flexibility, especially for bends. Plastic ducts have their benefits but are more likely to get damaged. Accidentally stepping on a flex duct can crush it because of the weight. The flattened shape makes it harder for air to travel through. If you can access these ducts, try reverting them to their original form. Ask an HVAC technician for duct replacement immediately if they have holes or cracks.

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Improperly Sized Ductwork

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HVAC systems have several parts that work together to generate the desired results. There will be a problem if some parts are incompatible. For instance, you may have oversized ducts. As a result, the air pressure may become too low to sustain going to the home’s farthest corners. It’s like utilizing a big hose for a small faucet. The opposite situation is also bad. Usually, the ducts are too small, so they restrict airflow. An experienced HVAC technician will use a scientific analysis of the household needs to design it.

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Inadequate Return Air Vents

Air that travels from the air conditioner or furnace to various sections of the house needs to return. It is a closed-loop system that depends on this cycle to operate as it should. If there is an insufficient amount of air returning, some areas may have increased air pressure and reduced airflow. This may be due to a system design flaw, so a new contractor needs to come and fix the situation. If you have return vents that aren’t running optimally, the problem should be diagnosed and resolved immediately.


Final Words

Airflow is essential in a high-performance HVAC system. Uneven temperatures across the house and continuous discomfort are clear signs of poor airflow. Hire an HVAC professional to determine the source of the issue and strategize how to remove the blockages to smooth airflow. Having the help of a certified HVAC contractor means you can enjoy balanced temperatures throughout your home, higher energy efficiency, and lower energy costs.

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