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Skylands Energy Service sells low sulfur kerosene dyed red for use in aboveground tanks ideally associated with mobile homes or trailers.

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Many manufacturers of mobile homes recommend low sulfur kerosene dyed red for two reasons. One is that kerosene is designed for the coldest of conditions in outside aboveground storage tanks because it will not gel or refuse to flow to the heater as some fuel oil can in very cold weather. Secondly low sulfur kerosene burns clean which is helpful for the annual maintenance preformed on heaters that are not readily accessible to tear down and clean.

Our delivery options are flexible for your entire home and recreational needs. You can also pick up Kerosene in our Raritan office. Skylands Energy Service offers the same great products and services to our kerosene customers as we do to our heating oil customers including Automatic delivery, budget programs, service agreements and credit terms.

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