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My Furnace Won’t Turn Off – Why?

image of a homeowner adjusting thermostat depicting furnace that wont turn off

Furnaces offer long-term, consistent warmth for homeowners. Yet, they aren’t without their potential issues. One common concern with a heating system is when the furnace won’t turn off when it’s supposed to. Understanding frequent troubles is key to knowing when it’s time to call in an HVAC expert. In this piece, we’ll delve into the usual suspects and fixes for a persistent furnace.

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Why Won’t the Furnace Stop? Reasons and Remedies:

Continue below to gain insights into this prevalent heating conundrum.

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Thermostat Issues

image of homeowner adjusting programmable thermostat

Sometimes, the thermostat could be the culprit, especially if set to ON rather than AUTO. In such cases, simply toggling it to AUTO should help.

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Inappropriate Temperature Setting

Should the thermostat be set too high, the furnace might keep running ceaselessly. If you think the temperature is too ambitious, consult an HVAC specialist for optimal settings for your system. Some homeowners mistakenly think cranking up the thermostat will warm their spaces quicker. In reality, this only boosts energy expenses. And if left unchecked, homes can become uncomfortably warm. It’s often recommended to avoid settings above 75 degrees in most regions.

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Compromised Thermostat Wiring

image of thermostat wires

Older thermostats, particularly those over a decade old, may have wiring issues. Pests like rodents can also harm wiring leading to the thermostat. To uncover any wiring damage, have an HVAC technician do an inspection.

Tinkering with your thermostat’s wiring is perilous. Incorrect handling might render the device useless, and given its connection to the house’s electrical network, it poses a risk of electrocution.

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Air Filter Concerns

Clogged or dirty filters force the furnace to operate non-stop. Regular filter replacements can prevent this. If accessing the filter proves challenging, seek help from an HVAC technician. Discussing the right filter size with your HVAC service ensures better airflow and the appropriate filter usage.

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Issues with the Furnace Relay Switch

A relentless furnace might indicate a need to reset the relay switch or that the switch is jammed. Trust an HVAC expert to evaluate and either reset or replace any malfunctioning relay switch to restore optimal functionality.

Sometimes, the relay switch contacts might fuse due to arcing, preventing them from working correctly. If there’s a visible spark inside, it’s likely this problem.

The Furnace’s Gas Valve

gas furnace flame

With extensive usage, the gas valve can get jammed, causing continued burning of propane or natural gas. This results in the constant circulation of warm air, raising the indoor temperature. Beyond elevated temperatures, a stuck valve with an accompanying gas leak poses significant threats. This situation may escalate to higher gas bills, potential fire hazards, explosions, or even carbon monoxide dangers. Address any gas valve issues with an HVAC professional to safeguard your dwelling and its inhabitants.

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Ductwork Leaks

ductwork inspection

Evidence of leaky ducts includes inconsistent home heating, increased dust, and unexpected rises in utility bills. This can arise from improperly sized ducts or invasive pests. The ideal solution is an HVAC inspection followed by necessary repairs or replacements.

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Mitigating Common Furnace Troubles

image of problems solutions sign depicting avoiding furnace issues

Implementing preventative measures can curb furnace issues. Trust an HVAC expert to ensure tasks are done right without voiding any warranty. Always adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines in any warranty. Skilled HVAC technicians are equipped to do the job right the first go-around.

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Regular Heating System Check-Ups

Scheduling routine heating check-ups can pinpoint issues before they exacerbate. Technicians will inspect and test heating components, offering advice on any concerns. If your unit is dated, they might propose a more energy-efficient upgrade.

During a typical HVAC maintenance appointment, professionals deep-clean the entire furnace. They remove any dust and debris for a cleaner system. This process can address any accumulated debris in the ducts, vents, and registers.

As part of these services, the air filter gets replaced and the surroundings cleared. The technician will also provide guidance on filter change frequency.

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Prompt Response to Heating Concerns

Reach out to your trusted heating service provider at the slightest hint of a problem. Addressing issues promptly reduces strain on the system and prevents premature failures, ultimately saving both time and money.

Persistent furnaces can pose myriad challenges. Enlisting professional HVAC assistance is paramount for their upkeep. A range of issues can hinder the furnace’s ability to switch off, leading to escalated heating bills. Seek expert HVAC intervention early on to stave off these concerns.

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