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The Efficiency Of Ductless Mini-Split Inverter Technology

ductless air conditioning systemIf you are still using a traditional HVAC system in your home, you may have experienced several frustrations with your heating and cooling system. Aside from the inefficient use of energy, old HVAC units may not provide the desired comfort and indoor air quality. Furthermore, they may be too noisy.

For this reason, many people are switching to modern ductless units that use mini-split inverter technology. This technology provides efficiency, flexibility, and versatility.

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What You Need To Know About The Efficiency Of Ductless Mini-Split Inverter Technology

In this article, we will discuss what a ductless HVAC system is and how mini-split inverter technology works. We will also cover the benefits of inverter technology and how fixed-speed compressors compare with Mitsubishi inverter technology.

Ductless Heat Pump Explained

ductless air conditionerDuctless HVAC systems do not require any ductwork. They are designed to deliver efficient and flexible heating and cooling inside your home or inside a specific room in your home. It includes an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The outdoor unit is installed outside the home, usually at ground level, and is connected to the indoor unit by a refrigerant line and electrical wiring through a hole in the wall. Many indoor units can connect to one outdoor unit.

The indoor unit delivers the cooled or heated air directly into the room where it is installed without relying on ductwork. It is usually mounted high on a wall to be able to provide efficient heating or cooling. It can be set to run automatically. You can also manually adjust the indoor air handler through a remote control.

The ductless system is the perfect solution for a home without a central heating or cooling system. It can also be used as a heating/cooling solution for home remodeling; when adding additional rooms to a home or when converting an attic into living space. Without having to add to the home’s existing ductwork, you can install a ductless system easily to these extensions to provide efficient heating and cooling at a lower price. Since ductless units offer incredible levels of energy efficiency and comfort, many homeowners use ductless HVAC systems to supplement their central heating or cooling system. Below, we will discuss one of the most appealing aspects of mini-split systems.

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The Basics Of Mini-Split Inverter Technology

energy efficient ductless inverterThe mini-split technology allows an HVAC system to deliver targeted heating or cooling. It uses smart technology that intelligently adjusts heating or cooling output to provide a constant temperature in a room. It contains a microcontroller that can sample the air and adjust the speed of the compressor accordingly.

In a traditional rotary compressor, the heating or cooling output stays the same. If your home requires cooling, the unit simply turns on and pumps cool air at the same speed and output rate and turns off once it reaches a certain temperature. In contrast, the mini-split inverter compressor constantly adjusts its output to efficiently maintain temperature without having to cycle between on or off.

Benefits Of A Ductless Mini-Split Inverter

  • Efficiency: The best advantage of the mini-split inverter is the efficiency it provides as compared to the rotary compressor. It provides a more precise heating and cooling delivery, thus saving more energy in the long run. As mentioned earlier, the mini-split inverter unit adjusts the heating or cooling output constantly to ensure the temperature is maintained.
  • Saves Money: According to Energy Star, duct system losses can reach an average of 30% of total energy consumption. Thus, using a mini-split inverter ductless system saves 30% on energy bills. In addition, the individual parts of the unit last much longer and do not need to be replaced as quickly, saving you money as well.
  • Less Noise: If you ever owned rotary compressor units before, you may well know how noisy the units can become. If a rotary compressor unit is installed near your bedroom, it can cause insomnia. Mini-split units are far quieter than traditional units, thus giving you a good night’s sleep all the time.
  • Flexibility: Mini-split units are small in size and can be installed in individual rooms. An HVAC contractor can install as many as 4 to 5 individual indoor units to a single outdoor unit. The number of indoor units depends on the amount of heating or cooling required inside your home.
  • Easy To Install: Because the system is ductless, it is easier to install than any other type of HVAC system. It can also be used to provide heating and cooling to additional extensions of a home without adding to the home’s existing ductwork.
  • Versatility: When it comes to interior design, the mini-split inverter unit can be installed in many ways. It can be mounted onto a wall, suspended from a ceiling, or installed directly on a drop ceiling.
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Mitsubishi Electric’s Inverter Technology Vs. Fixed-Speed Compressors

mitsubishi hvac systemFixed speed compressors are a bit inefficient when it comes to delivering cool air inside a home. These compressors cycle the unit on and off whenever the temperature dips below a target temperature. This can lead to undesirable temperature fluctuations that can cause energy inefficiency and higher energy bills.

In contrast, Mitsubishi Electric’s inverter technology allows the unit to change motor speed depending on the temperature demands of your home. This provides you with a smoother temperature delivery without increasing energy expenditure. With its intuitive sensor, the unit can determine which speed is necessary to ensure the proper temperature in your home.

When it comes to energy efficiency, cycling a compressor on and off can be costly. Fixed speed compressors always run at full capacity regardless of the size of the room. In an inverted-driven system, the unit runs at a fraction of its speed to provide energy efficiency in the long run.

Inverter technology provides constant and energy-efficient cooling inside your home. With this system installed, you are more likely to save money long term. In addition, never experience temperature fluctuations ever again and have fewer worries about any HVAC noise.


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Traditional HVAC systems are slow in producing streamlined home temperatures. Thankfully, modern technology provides a better solution. With the mini-split inverter technology, you can enjoy efficient temperature delivery at your home constantly.

Mini-split inverter technology uses smart delivery of temperature inside your home. It samples the air temperature and adjusts the speed of the unit to achieve the desired temperature. It is efficient, saves money, produces less noise, flexible and versatile. If you are choosing between fixed speed units vs inverter units, your best bet is the latter.

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