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Why Ductless Air Conditioners Offer More Than Window Air Conditioners

window air conditioner vs. ductless ac unitThose who own a home without HVAC ductwork will need to choose between getting a ductless air conditioner or a window air conditioner to endure the summer heat.

There are advantages to both of these options so it may be challenging to know which one to choose. Each of these types of systems will work best in certain situations. Homeowners need to know their priorities when they make this decision.

Ductless Air Conditioners Vs Window Air Conditioners: Which One Is Better Suited For Your Home?

Here we will discuss window air conditioners, ductless AC units, and the differences between them. We will compare some of the significant characteristics of each, review the advantages, and define some terms. This will help consumers make the best choice between choosing between ductless air conditioners vs. window air conditioners.

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Basics Of A Ductless Air Conditioning System

There are two parts of a ductless air conditioner: the outdoor component and the indoor component. These are sometimes known as mini-split systems, with refrigerant tubing and electrical wires connecting the two parts. The indoor air handler is a compact unit that mounts on a wall, floor, or ceiling. It directly cools an interior space. The outdoor component pushes out the heat of the refrigerant into the outside air.

This type of configuration has many advantages. First, you will have more flexibility when it comes to placing the indoor unit. You are not confined to using an open window. The unit can be put up high on a wall surface so it does not interfere with vertical storage or distract from your interior decor.

Second, you can place this unit in any room of your home. The room does not need to have an outside wall as the two components are separate. Even an inner room can be cooled with this system. This is important in larger buildings.

Third, this type of air conditioner will not block a window so the occupants can have a nice view and natural light all day long. This is especially useful in a tiny room with only one window. Fourth, ductless air conditioners are usually very quiet when they are running because the noisy components are located outside the home.

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Basics Of Window Air Conditioners

A window air conditioner is essentially a box containing all the necessary components in one unit. One side of the window air conditioner blows out cold air into the interior of a room while the other side blows hot air outside. The size of a window air conditioner is perfect for placing in a window. A room must have at least one wall that faces outdoors. If there is no window, a large hole must be made in the perimeter wall to hold the box. A window air conditioner is easy to use and relatively inexpensive. However, it also has disadvantages that can make it far less desirable than a ductless air conditioning unit.

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Will My Home Benefit From Ductless Cooling?

ductless hvac systemHere is a comparison of the two types of air conditioning systems.

1. More Energy Efficient

A window air conditioning unit may be inexpensive to buy and install, but it will not be very efficient. It consumes a lot of energy when compared to a similar-sized ductless air conditioner. Over the long term, a window AC will cost more. Every month, you will use more power, and your utility bills will be higher. If you want to spend more to get a ductless air conditioner, you will have a system that is more energy-efficient. Also, your cooling bills will be lower. The amount of savings on energy costs can be substantial.

2. Quality Of Indoor Air

A lot of people think that air pollution only happens outdoors. It is a fact, however, that the quality of air inside a building can be very poor. The interior of a home can collect undesirable particles such as pollen, dust, and dirt, which will stay in circulation inside the home for a long time. An air conditioning system should be able to prevent such particles from getting inside the home in the first place.

Ductless air conditioners have multiple filters that produce better air quality. A window air conditioner can breed bacteria and mold. These pollutants can get inside the home, creating poor air quality inside the house. Anyone who has respiratory problems should be aware of this.

3. Noise Generated

Ductless systems have an indoor component and an outdoor component. The noisy parts of the air conditioner system are located outdoors. This means that homeowners will not be able to hear the noise as it will be outside the walls of the home. Sleep will be better when the noise level is down at night. Window air conditioners will get noisier as time goes on. Occupants of a room will hear every click and whirl, which may be very annoying.

4. Carbon Footprint

A primary concern these days is global warming. The effects are piling up, so it is vital to take positive action. Scientists believe much of global warming is caused by human activity. Therefore, it is essential that we take steps to stop it. One way that each person can help is by cutting back on the consumption of energy. Energy consumption and carbon footprint are lower with the ductless AC systems than with window units.

5. Home Security

If you live in a neighborhood with a lot of crime, you may not wish to choose a window air conditioner. It is quite easy to dislodge a window AC unit and make a hole that a thief could crawl through. Although you can install steel bars in the window to deter thieves, it will add to your cost. Consequently, it is more efficient to simply pay a bit more and get a ductless air conditioner. With a ductless system, the indoor component is entirely separate from the outside. A small, 3-inch hole through the wall is sufficient for the tubes and wires required.

6. Amount Of Coverage

A single room can be cooled by one window unit. If you want to cool several rooms in the home, you will need one window AC unit for each room. A ductless system is able to cool several rooms at a time with only one outdoor unit. Additionally, you can set the temperature of each room individually.

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You should choose a cooling system after you have put a lot of thought into it. The cost can be quite significant. Making the best decision is dependent on comparing the features, comfort, and overall cost. Anyone who is able to afford the cost of a ductless AC system should consider it seriously. Ductless AC systems are superior in terms of comfort, noise reduction, improved air quality indoors, reduced carbon footprint, and energy efficiency.

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