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Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs A Replacement

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The summer season is fast approaching. Many homes utilize air conditioning systems to keep cool and comfortable. However, some ACs do not work as they should as they may have reached their air conditioner life expectancy. When this happens, they need to be repaired or replaced depending on how severe the damage is. You must do this as soon as possible so that any further damage is prevented and the cost for air conditioner repair is also cheaper. Consult your local, trusted HVAC technician who can quickly determine the best route for your cooling needs.

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Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs A Replacement

In this article, we discuss some of the tell-tale signs that indicate the need for an air conditioner replacement.

Air Conditioner Blows Warm Air

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Air conditioners distribute cool air throughout your house. If you notice that it is blowing warm air instead, there might be a problem in your system. This can be due to several causes. The first thing you should check is the thermostat. Make sure that it is in cooling mode and that it is working as it should. Set the temperature lower to determine if that solves the issue. If there are no changes, check the HVAC air filter next. It might be dirty and needs cleaning or replacing. If your air conditioner is still blowing warm air even after this, call an experienced HVAC technician as you might have a broken compressor.

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High Cooling Costs

Air conditioners consume a lot of power, so it is expected to affect your energy bills significantly. However, a sudden increase in your cooling cost should be investigated. Has the energy company raised the rates? If not, it could also be due to an inefficient unit. A faulty air conditioner will strain to reach the cooling settings, consuming more energy in the process. Some of the common culprits are clogged filters and refrigerant leaks. Homeowners can deal with filter replacement. However, let a professional handle any other issues your air conditioner may be experiencing.

Frequent Air Conditioner Repairs

image of HVAC contractor performing air conditioner repair

Air conditioners are made to be dependable cooling machines. It is rare for them to malfunction or break down, especially if you have a relatively new one. Issues are likely to occur once your AC reached its 10-year mark or so because of wear and tear over the years. You will notice your system requiring frequent AC repairs. This can be expensive when the repair costs pile up. When this happens, consider getting a replacement system. Consult a reputable HVAC contractor to help you make informed decisions regarding your cooling needs.

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Insufficient Air Conditioner Airflow

Insufficient airflow means your cooling system is working inefficiently. The poor airflow could be caused by a dirty air filter or a broken motor, among other issues. The underlying issue needs to be repaired immediately to improve your unit’s performance. Make sure your system receives annual air conditioner maintenance so that its efficiency remains at an optimal level.

Unusual Air Conditioner Noises

image of man experiencing loud air conditioner noises

A/C units emit a low hum, which is normal. However, sudden loud noises can be a cause for concern. Listen carefully to determine what kind of unusual sound your air conditioner is making. Rattling sounds can point to loose components. On the other hand, grinding is indicative of a broken compressor. Call an HVAC technician to inspect, diagnose, and repair the issue.

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Frequent Air Conditioning Cycles

Air conditioning systems have a consistent cycle when it operates normally. If the cycle is too frequent, there could be problems with your system. Call a professional HVAC contractor to conduct a checkup and maintenance. If short cycling has been happening since the beginning, the air conditioner size might be too large, so you’ll need to replace it with one that’s the right size. An HVAC technician will conduct the necessary calculations to determine the correct size for your home. This way, you don’t have to deal with short cycling anymore.

Bad Smells Coming From The Air Conditioner

image of mother and son plugging nose due to bad air conditioner odor

Moisture inside your cooling system encourages bacteria and fungi to grow. These can emit unpleasant smells as time passes. It mixes with the conditioned air and is circulated throughout your house, making it unbearable to stay inside. The smell will only get worse, so you need to take action to eliminate it. Have an HVAC expert conduct a deep air conditioner cleaning. Air conditioner tune-ups can also prevent this problem from happening again. If needed, the technician could recommend installing HVAC UV lamps or other high-tech solutions.

High Levels Of Humidity Even With The A/C Unit On

Air conditioners also reduce indoor humidity levels. This feature, along with cooling the air, allows you to enjoy a cool and comfortable home. If your AC is experiencing a problem with its dehumidifying function, you will feel sticky and uncomfortable. Your system might need to be repaired and re-calibrated to fix the issue. Homeowners can also opt to install a whole-house dehumidifier. Consult with an experienced HVAC technician to help you with how best to address the issue.

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Water Leaks Out Of AC Unit

Condensation around the coils is part of your AC’s cooling process. The water is collected in a drain pan and flows into a drain for proper disposal. However, problems can occur, and the water could leak. The water leakage can damage your system and your house if it is not repaired immediately. Call a technician for proper cleanup and repair of the water leak.



Most air conditioning problems need to be checked by a trained and licensed HVAC technician. A professional can assist you in making informed decisions when it comes to your cooling needs. They can determine whether the problem with your air conditioner can be repaired or if it is more cost-effective to get a cooling system replacement.


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