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Why Does Air Conditioner Sizing Matter?

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Summer often pushes our air conditioners to their limits. You might have an older model that does not perform as efficiently as it once used to. Some may have an old air conditioner that breaks down often and needs frequent repairs. Homes with old units will be better off replacing units like these. However, you might not have any idea what type of AC will best fit your home. You might think that getting the same make and model will work best. However, that choice may lead to installing a unit that does not meet your cooling needs. You might also think that getting the biggest one you can afford will cool your home faster. However, this is not always the case. Start fresh by learning what your household needs. This will depend on several factors. One factor that is important to consider is air conditioner sizing.

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Why Does Air Conditioner Size Make A Difference?

Read on to find out more about why AC size matters.

Manual J Load Calculation & Its Importance

A Manual J load calculation is the process that helps determine the cooling needs of a home or any other building. A licensed HVAC technician utilizes several factors when using this calculation.

Experts understand the specifics needed to determine the adequate cooling needed. An HVAC technician will use advanced software to help get the job done faster and more precisely. They also need to quantify various house features, including ceiling height, floor area, and window sizes. They also need to find out the materials the structure is made of, local climate, how many people occupy the space, building orientation, insulation, and air leaks.

The final result will give them the cooling load that your home requires so that they do not need to guess. With this calculation, they will be able to tell you the exact A/C size you need for your home.

HVAC Comfort

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Air conditioners help elevate your home’s comfort level. Cooling is just one part of it. However, your AC also reduces indoor humidity. Condensation turns the air around the coils into water droplets. This moisture is then removed through the system’s drain pipes. If your AC is too large, the system cools down faster than it should, meaning that the cycle ends before condensation can happen. As a result, there will be high humidity in your house, making it feel cool but uncomfortable and sticky.

Homeowners tend to lower the temperatures hoping this will help alleviate the problem. However, this will only crank up your energy consumption and cause poor indoor air quality. This is because the system forces less air through the filters, so it cannot clean the air properly.

Systems that are too small can also cause problems. They will not be able to meet the cooling needs of your home. Your system will have a hard time reaching the thermostat settings. During the summer, your system might not be able to keep up against the strong sunlight. Your system will overstrain to work, but it still will not fulfill your cooling needs. A system that constantly strains results in faster wear and tear. Therefore, your unit will require frequent air conditioner repairs and a premature replacement.

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Air Conditioner Efficiency

Usually, the first aspect that homeowners consider is a system’s efficiency. They want a highly efficient unit or one with a high SEER rating. A unit like this offers low energy consumption while providing a high level of cooling power. However, you should also ensure that you have the right size (among other factors you need to consider).

If you have an under or oversized system, it will not be able to maximize its SEER rating. It will run on suboptimal levels. The cycles will either be prolonged or shortened, which will waste a lot of energy. It will also lead to worn-out parts that will prevent your unit from running as efficiently as possible. Hence, you must buy a new AC that is the right size and with a high SEER rating to get the full benefits.

Monthly Cooling Costs

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Installing a mismatched system in your home means you’ll end up spending more than you should on your monthly utility bills. The costs will spike up the more energy your system consumes. Therefore, consider your household’s cooling needs first before you purchase a new AC. A system that has worn-out parts and frequently cycles wastes a lot of energy. The reduced efficiency will become apparent in your high cooling bills.

It will also lead to overstraining the AC parts, which will then require repairs and early system replacement. An AC system that burns through your wallet can be prevented when you have the right AC size from the start. Hence, having a licensed HVAC contractor conduct the Manual J calculation is a worthy investment for every home.

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The Problem With Oversized Air Conditioning Units

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An oversized HVAC system might mean you spend more than necessary to acquire the unit. It also cools spaces faster than it should which can lead to short cycling. It can prevent the unit from doing its job correctly, such as managing the indoor humidity and enhancing the air quality. It will also lead to inefficiency and reduced cost-effectiveness. As a result, you will have a cool but humid home.

The Problem With Undersized Cooling

Having a unit that is too small can also pose several problems. It cannot provide sufficient cooling power to meet the demands of the space. Hence, it will not be able to keep your home comfortable, especially during the summer season. An A/C that is too small will run continuously but still fail to reach the set temperature. This will only strain the system and will lead to premature breakdowns and replacements.

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Selecting the right AC for your home is something you need to consider carefully. Buying the biggest or the smallest one you can get your hands on does not necessarily mean it is the best option for your home. Every house has different cooling needs. Therefore, you must find the most suitable unit that meets your home’s unique requirements.

Having the right AC size will ensure that you have the best comfort, efficiency, and cost for your home. Do not rely on general rules of thumb. Be sure to work with a licensed HVAC contractor. They have the right tools and extensive knowledge to calculate the size needed for your space.

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