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Top HVAC Installation Mistakes to Avoid

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Installing a new HVAC system can provide a significant improvement in your home life. Some of the benefits a new HVAC unit will bring include increased comfort, reduced energy bills (especially when compared to the old system), healthy indoor air quality, and maintaining the well-being of your family. However, improper HVAC installation can bring about many problems. You will have to deal with high energy bills, poor indoor air quality, an uncomfortable home, frequent repairs, and early replacement. Hire a certified and experienced HVAC technician to ensure that your system is installed properly.

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Top HVAC Installation Mistakes To Avoid

Read on to learn more about the common HVAC installation mistakes. This way, you can prevent them from happening in your home.

1. Choosing The Wrong HVAC System Size

Many homeowners think that having the largest HVAC system will assure them of better system performance. However, this is far from the truth.

The right HVAC unit size is dependent on the projected load. A qualified contractor needs to conduct a complex calculation to determine the best HVAC size for your home. This calculation includes several factors like the total floor area, regional temperatures, house orientation, ceiling height, and building materials, among others. The calculation will let you know how much power is necessary to cool or heat your home. Be wary of HVAC contractors who use inaccurate rules of thumb when finding the proper HVAC system size for your home as these can be unreliable.

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2. Keeping The Old HVAC Ductwork

You can save money by using your old ductwork with your newly installed HVAC system. However, this isn’t always recommended. The ducts could be incompatible with your new system, especially if you change the size of your heating or cooling system. The old ducts could be too small to allow efficient airflow. If the ducts were installed a long time ago, they could be riddled with problems like cracks, holes, dirt accumulation, and mold. The original design might not be optimal when it comes to distributing conditioned air throughout your home as well. Therefore, consider getting new ducts that are designed and installed by a professional.

3. Bad HVAC Duct Installation Techniques

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Having a good design but a bad installation technique can also be a problem. Some contractors can make logical and cost-effective designs. However, they might execute this poorly because of inexperience or they simply want the job finished quickly. An example of this is using tape to seal gaps. This is only meant to be a temporary fix. Using tape will eventually lead to the leaks starting up again, leading to a decline in the system’s efficiency and an increase in your energy bills per month. Hire a reputable HVAC company like Skylands Energy Service. This way, you can be sure that the techs use high-quality materials and sealants at all times.

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4. Poorly Designed HVAC Drainage System

Air conditioners generate moisture in the coils because of condensation. The technician should ensure that this water is collected and drained properly. If not, this water can spill on your air conditioner and parts of your home. This will then create an environment where mold and mildew can grow. Your home’s drywall and flooring can become damaged. Bacteria will also thrive, and a foul smell will permeate your house. Do it right at the onset to prevent all these problems. Have an experienced HVAC professional help you with the installation.

5. Incorrect Venting Of Toxic Gases

carbon monoxide alarm

Toxic gases like carbon monoxide are produced when your system burns fuel. Therefore, proper venting should be included in the HVAC installation. This way, these harmful gases are pushed out of the house immediately via the exhaust system. Unfortunately, faulty HVAC installation can mean that these hazardous gases end up inside your home instead. Bear in mind that carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless glass, so carbon monoxide detectors are needed to warn you about the danger. Ask your HVAC contractor about combustion safety to determine if they can implement it properly.

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6. Improper Heating & Cooling System Placement

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A contractor can easily avoid some mistakes if they pay careful attention. This includes the system placement. It is not recommended to just place the new HVAC equipment where the old unit used to be. The location needs to be verified first to determine if it is the right one. Otherwise, you will just be making the same mistake.

Another example is the air conditioner condenser. It should be away from direct sunlight as much as possible so that your system doesn’t overwork. The same should be done with the thermostat. Make sure that it isn’t near any windows or other heat sources. If it is, the sensors will have faulty readings and heat your home unnecessarily. An experienced HVAC contractor will find the best placement for your HVAC system and its components.

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7. Neglecting Clearance Around The Condenser

The condenser requires space so that it can work optimally. Unfortunately, rush installations can end up neglecting this problem. The contractor could only give the condenser a few inches of space on all sides. Experts recommend giving it at least a two-foot perimeter to ensure good air intake and a high-efficiency level. Do not let this mistake happen, as your system will end up consuming more energy than necessary, and the system’s parts will also wear out faster. This clearance around the condenser should be maintained even after installation. Homeowners should keep objects away from the condenser, and trim any nearby plants.



Things going wrong during HVAC installation happens more often than you think. During these cases, homeowners will have to call experienced HVAC contractors to fix the mistakes of amateur contractors. Avoid having to pay more than necessary by making informed and wise decisions from the start. Find a qualified contractor with the right credentials and the best reputation in your area to assist you.

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