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HVAC Allergies: How To Get Rid Of Pollen From Your Home This Spring

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Millions of Americans are affected by allergies every year. Some experience it worse because of their sensitivities and environmental conditions. If you are such an individual, consider some changes around your home to achieve better comfort. Changing a few habits and getting some assistance from technology, like your HVAC system, can help alleviate the problem. Having a proactive attitude when tackling the issue will help you go through the allergy season with minor issues. However, the opposite is quite true. If you are not proactive, your HVAC system can actually work against you (HVAC allergies) and aggravate seasonal allergies. Therefore, to combat seasonal allergies with the help of your HVAC system, keep reading below.

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How To Help Reduce Your Seasonal Allergies

This article focuses on how your HVAC system can turn into your health ally.

Replace Your HVAC Filters

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The air around us has impurities that can trigger allergies and respiratory problems. They are difficult to see with just the naked eye, but you can sometimes see them when light from the windows reflects off of them. HVAC systems are equipped with filters that trap dirt and dust from the air that passes through them. Filters minimize allergies and protect your system. Manufacturers recommend replacing the HVAC filter regularly to prevent clogs that reduce the efficiency and lifespan of your system. Make sure to conduct air filter replacements every one to three months, depending on your air filter’s accumulation rate. A good rule of thumb is to check monthly and replace your HVAC air filter when it is dirty.


Upgrade To HEPA HVAC Filters

Most HVAC units have basic air filters that only trap relatively large particles. They have a wide mesh, so they cannot screen pollen and other small allergens. The main focus manufacturers have is to protect the equipment from airborne particles that can cause damage and not those that can result in health issues to the users.

When you need protection from health issues, use HEPA filters instead. These filters are highly efficient in filtering particulate matter. They have a tighter mesh that traps allergens and prevents them from harming you. However, they can reduce the airflow, so the HVAC system requires additional modifications to operate well. Consult an HVAC contractor to determine the best options for your system.

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Keep Surfaces Clean

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Allergens that have made their way into your home won’t always float in the air. After some time, they will fall on surfaces, such as the floor, desk, chair, and so on. Therefore, clean surfaces around your house regularly. Don’t use a broom or a feather duster as these only allow the particles to become airborne again. Use a powerful vacuum cleaner instead to suck up all the pollen, dust, and dirt. You can also use a clean, damp rag if you don’t have a vacuum. Use it to wipe the surfaces, and the dirt will stick to it immediately. Wash beddings every week or as often as possible as well.

Run The HVAC System Regularly

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Stagnant water can be a hazard. Insects can breed in it, and it also lets bacteria grow faster. Stagnant air can also be dangerous. Pollutants cannot escape if the air in your home doesn’t move. They will only pile up until they reach an unhealthy level.

A way to have better ventilation in your home is switching the air conditioner on frequently, even if you might not need it. This way, the air inside your home will move because the system will dump the stale indoor air outside while pumping fresh air inside. Do this for at least 20 minutes every day.

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Install A UV Light For Sanitation

Ultraviolet light is a known disinfectant. Drying our clothes in the sun doesn’t just make the water evaporate faster from the heat. The UV light from the sun also kills bacteria and makes our clothes smell fresh. UV light can kill pathogens on a molecular level. Hence, they are also utilized in concentrated form to treat water. HVAC systems can be fitted with small UV devices to destroy allergens growing in them. This way, the air conditioner won’t spread contaminated air throughout your house. Your indoor air quality will significantly improve as well.

Seal Gaps On The Walls & Windows

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Closing the doors and windows around your home might not be enough to keep pollen from getting in. After all, there might be gaps or cracks along the sides of your windows and doors. Inspect your home for any narrow spaces that let unfiltered air in. You can use weather stripping, caulk, or spray foam to block the airflow if you find gaps or cracks. Make it a habit to close all windows during early mornings or peak pollen hours.

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Use A Whole-House Humidifier

Knowing your home’s humidity level lets you get a better picture of your environmental condition. Your indoor humidity should stay around the 40% mark. Allergies can stay in the air longer if it gets too dry. This means they have more chances to trigger physical reactions on sensitive occupants. If it’s too humid, mold and mildew can grow. Therefore, utilize a whole-house humidifier or dehumidifier, depending on your home’s needs to achieve balance.

Get Yearly HVAC Cleaning & Maintenance

Allergies are a big issue to deal with on your own. See a doctor for severe allergic reactions. You can also consult HVAC professionals to help you improve your home’s indoor air quality. Ensure that your system receives annual cleaning and maintenance. This way, you will breathe easier while improving your system’s efficiency and reliability.



Spring can mean bad allergy flare-ups. This is because pollen and other allergens are everywhere at this time of the year. Keep your windows close, clean surface areas, and use the HVAC system for air filtration to stay safe in your home. Don’t hesitate to contact your local, trusted HVAC technician for HEPA filter replacement, UV light installation, and annual maintenance. They will help you keep your home comfortable by improving your indoor air quality.

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