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What Homeowners Ought To Know About Their HVAC Air Filters

HVAC air filterRegular home maintenance is an essential aspect of being a responsible homeowner. There are many tasks that involve the care of a home. By completing these tasks, a home will function as it should. One of the tasks that homeowners should be aware of involves their HVAC system.

If homeowners fail to have their heating and cooling system serviced on an annual basis, it usually results in unnecessary repair costs and the unit breaking down.

Also, when it comes to an HVAC system, changing the air filter is one essential task that you should regularly do.

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HVAC Systems And Indoor Air Quality: The Role That The Air Filter Plays

It is a very inexpensive and easy task to replace dirty air filters with new ones. It can often mean the difference between having expensive repair bills and having a comfortable home all year long. You can have an HVAC professional change the air filters for you if necessary. Air filters are one of the most essential parts of your HVAC system. Below we will discuss two of their most critical functions.

HVAC Air Filters Keep Your Unit Clean

An HVAC air filter prevents debris like dust and dirt from causing clogs in the evaporator coil of your air conditioner and the heat exchanger of your furnace. These kinds of blockages restrict airflow. In turn, it reduces performance and leads to more expensive utility bills. When an air filter becomes severely clogged, it could result in the HVAC system malfunctioning or completely breaking down.

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HVAC Air Filters Improve The Air Quality Of Your Home

An HVAC unit’s air filters are responsible for maintaining a healthy air flow circulating throughout the house. Also, the filters catch airborne debris and trap them. That ensures the home’s air quality remains at a healthy level. Since air filters play such a critical role, it is essential to buy filters that can trap air pollutants effectively. That helps to ensure that your entire family is breathing the cleanest possible air.

Correctly Maintaining Your HVAC System

indoor air quality and hvac filterYou may be wondering how often your HVAC system should be serviced by an experienced and reputable technician. In a majority of situations, servicing your heating or cooling system annually is sufficient.

An HVAC system is made up of many different parts, like ductwork and belts. Problems may develop if belts are cracked or dry. Also, if cracks or rust are in the ductwork, fans, or coils, the system’s performance may be compromised. A professional technician can lubricate these parts as well as inspect them for potential damage to see if any require a replacement. For best results, a well-trained professional should be the one to determine whether or not replacements or repairs are needed.

Typically, air filters are one to four inches thick. The most common size for houses is one inch. However, because several different sizes are available, it is a good idea to check the requirements for your specific system before buying HVAC system air filters. Or, you can just hire a professional HVAC contractor to change the air filters for you.

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Care And Maintenance Of HVAC Air Filters

It doesn’t do any good to invest in high-efficiency air filters if you do not replace the filters on a regular basis. If particles accumulate inside of the filter, it will force your HVAC system to work harder than is necessary. A dirty filter negatively affects the overall performance of the system, increases the risk of malfunctions, and causes your utility bills to be higher. Fortunately, many of the problems can be eliminated by properly caring for the air filters.



Homeowners who replace or clean their HVAC air filters regularly can avoid HVAC system downtime. Also, they can avoid expensive repairs and high energy costs. Regular maintenance also improves the indoor air quality of a home. A professional HVAC technician can provide suggestions when they conduct a yearly home furnace inspection as well.

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