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Fun Facts About Air Conditioning

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Air conditioning is a vital component of our day-to-day living. However, it is something that we take for granted until something goes wrong and an expert hand is needed. Air conditioners have a long history and they have come far from being the system we know today.

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Fun Facts About Air Conditioning

In this article, we have listed a few air conditioning fun facts you might enjoy learning.

Ice Was Used To Keep People Cool

blocks of ice used for cooling in the past

Before the modern air conditioning system was even conceptualized, ice was what people used to keep cool. Ancient Egyptians, for instance, filled shallow trays with water. These were left overnight on straw beds so they could freeze into solid ice. This way, they were ready to use when morning came.

Ice was also sold in snow or ice stores in Rome and Greece. They were bought by wealthy people so that they can enjoy a cooler home and have cold showers during scorching days. The people from Iran also used to collect ice from nearby mountains during winter. These were then placed in underground containers that were connected to a windcatcher system. This allows the cool air to blow inside their homes and other structures.

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The Ancient Egyptians Knew How To Keep Cool

Egypt has a warm climate, so it comes as no surprise that they came up with many ways to keep cool. One of these ways is known to be an early form of evaporative cooling. The Ancient Egyptians would hang soaked reeds over their windows. The wind will then evaporate the water in the reeds as it passes through, helping cool the rooms in the process.

The Roman Aqueducts Did A Lot More Than Bring Water To The Cities

image of roman aqueducts that help for cooling

The Roman aqueducts are a complex network that spans several cities. It is an engineering marvel of its time, with some parts remaining in North Africa, Turkey, France, Greece, and Spain today. These aqueducts brought fresh water from a lake or spring to the cities so that the people had water to use. The water was utilized for bathing, irrigation, and drinking. Another use was to allow the water to flow through the houses’ walls so that the indoor spaces are kept cool.

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The Emergence Of The “Summer Blockbuster” Is Because Of Air Conditioning

image of cinema projector depicting blockbuster and air conditioning

The early 1900s saw a significant decrease in ticket sales during the summer months. People then did not like going out to watch movies because of the scorching heat. The solution theater owners came up with was to install air conditioners in the theaters so that their patrons can enjoy a cool and comfortable environment while inside. It became a hit. Many people did not have cooling systems at home, so they went to theaters to watch movies and keep cool. Film productions then decided to show their most important films during the summer, enticing more people to watch and maximizing profits.

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The Founder Of Carrier Invented The Modern AC System

Willis Haviland Carrier is an engineer credited as the inventor of the first electricity-powered air conditioner. It was invented in 1902 and was built as a solution for problems a printing company had. Hot weather led to high humidity. Therefore, the paper would warp and make ink application a problem. Carrier invented an air conditioning system that controlled the temperature, humidity, air circulation, and ventilation in indoor spaces. A year later, the New York Stock Exchange Building was one of the first structures fitted with an air conditioning unit.


The First AC For Residential Use Cost As Much As A House

The first air conditioning invented in 1902 was primarily for industrial use. It was only 12 years later that air conditioners for residential applications were released. Unfortunately, they were massive, bulky, and expensive. They measured at 20′ x 6′ x 7′ and were priced at $10,000 to $50,000. When adjusted for inflation, these air conditioners cost around $120,000 to $600,000 per unit.

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No More Mandatory Summer Vacations For Workers Because Of Air Conditioning

Many offices, schools, and shops used to have mandatory summer vacations because of the unbearable heat. There were no air conditioners yet, so they had to rest and leave work and school for a few weeks. Nowadays, summer vacation is optional for many people. Although some places in Europe still had their workers take mandatory summer vacations as they still do not have air conditioning,

A Few Places In The U.S. Would Have Very Low Populations If AC Systems Weren’t Invented

image of the arizona desert depicting air conditioner in U.S.

Several states in the United States, including Florida, Nevada, Texas, and Arizona, would most likely have low populations if air conditioners were not invented.

Humans Can No Longer Tolerate Heat Like Before

Scientists state that air conditioning systems have led to a reduction in humans’ natural tolerance to heat. This means that many of us cannot stand being under the heat anymore because we have adapted to having cooler environments with AC systems in our homes.


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