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Common Misinformation About Central AC Systems

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The beginning of the summer months are here. Some homes find it challenging to stay cool during this time of the year. If you have an older air conditioner at home, you will likely have an uncomfortable home and high cooling costs. Homes that experience less than optimal cooling should consider installing a central air conditioning system. It is an excellent option to ensure your household’s cooling needs are met without the added costs on your monthly energy bills. However, several misconceptions come with central AC systems.

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Common Misinformation About Central AC Systems

Read on to find out the different myths that surround central air conditioners. This article further dispels these myths and offers air conditioning facts so that you can make wise and informed decisions when choosing the best system for your home.

Myth #1: Air Conditioner Installation Needs Significant Remodeling

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Many homeowners think that they have to spend an arm and a leg to install a central air conditioner. For instance, they might have an old home that is not equipped with the ductwork needed for the system to operate correctly. Remodeling their homes to install ducts might affect the house’s structural integrity. It can also disrupt the daily activities of the household. Central air conditioners used to require this procedure for it to work. However, with technological advancement, it is not a necessity anymore today. There are central AC models with smaller ducts and high-power circulators that can be fitted into your house more easily.

Myth #2: Central AC Is Expensive To Operate

It is not true that central air conditioning is expensive to operate to cool your home. It consumes energy much like other types of cooling systems covering the same floor area. The myth has been because of leaky air ducts that are common with older systems. Holes and cracks develop on the ductwork as time passes. These are not easily found unless the homeowner gets their system checked and maintained by professionals regularly. New systems that have mini ducts are less likely to have holes because of their enhanced construction. Therefore, you will have a reliable AC that is highly efficient and cost-effective.

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Myth #3: Central Air Conditioning Is Noisy

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Another myth is that central cooling systems are noisy. This misconception might be based on their own experiences or hearsays from friends and neighbors. It is a problem that typically happens when you have an older unit. Technological advances have solved this common problem, so the loud noises from your old central ACs are now nearly non-existent. If you built soundproofing around your system, you wouldn’t have this problem at all. You will have peace of mind all through the night without having to worry about any noise from your central cooling unit.

Myth #4: Every Cooling System Operates The Same Way

Choosing your cooling system should be done carefully. Don’t just pick at random because there are significant changes between different makes and models. Some might be highly efficient and consume less power. Others might have better indoor humidity control. Keep in mind that air conditioning systems do not just cool your homes. They also dehumidify your home to ensure optimal comfort in your home’s interior. You need to ensure that the system doesn’t strain so that it doesn’t waste energy. This will be incredibly beneficial for you as you will have reduced energy bills.

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Myth #5: AC Components Ruin The Aesthetics Of Your Home

A home’s interior design and aesthetics are essential to the homeowners. They typically will do anything to ensure that the interior design they want is achieved and maintained. They think that many central cooling systems are not acceptable for this reason. However, central AC can be a system that is almost invisible as long as a competent expert installs it. Outlets can be hidden from view or positioned so that they hardly draw any attention. They also typically come in muted colors so that they do not clash with the décor and just blend in the background of your home interior.


Myth #6: Centralized HVAC Systems Cannot Be Used To Heat And Cool

Earlier models of centralized HVAC units can only do one thing. They can either heat the house but not cool it or vice versa. Homeowners would need to install two systems with different functions. This means that one is idle during half of the year it is not in use. This is different from how it is today. Modern central HVAC systems can cool and heat your home, so you only need one system to keep you comfortable throughout the year. This type of HVAC system is easy to operate and offers more convenience. They are also cheaper and quicker to install. They even come with high-efficiency ratings so that you save more.

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The prevailing myths about central air conditioners are not always true. Advanced technology and innovative solutions have eliminated old issues. Therefore, it is recommended that you learn about the new central air conditioning models from a reliable HVAC company before you dismiss them as a heating or cooling option for your home.

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