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How To Manage Your Home Heating Oil During Warm Summer Months

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Heating oil might not be a top priority during the warm summer months, but this period is ideal for planning and maintenance. With the boiler unused and the days longer, it’s the perfect time to assess and improve your heating system. Preparing for the winter rush allows you to enter the colder season comfortably. By taking early action, you can ensure your home stays warm when it matters most. This article from Skylands Energy Service shares essential summer heating oil tips you can keep in mind.

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Heating Oil Tips to Follow During Summer

Summer offers the perfect chance to get ahead with your heating oil needs. Here are several tips to help you:

1. Maximize Lower Fuel Oil Prices

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The demand for heating oil surges as winter approaches, driving up prices due to high usage across millions of households for heating purposes. Conversely, summer sees a dip in demand, resulting in lower prices and potential discounts from oil companies looking to boost sales. Taking advantage of these lower rates can lead to significant savings. Plan your usage, estimate your needs, and order fuel now to benefit from these seasonal pricing advantages.

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2. Perform an Oil Tank Inspection

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Summer’s favorable weather makes it ideal for a comprehensive oil tank inspection. While the skies are clear, you can thoroughly inspect the condition of your outdoor tank. Examine it for signs of wear, such as rust, holes, or cracks that may have developed over time. These could let water infiltrate and cause further damage. Additionally, ensure the tank’s legs are stable and the lids are securely sealed. If your tank is nearing the end of its service life or exhibits considerable deterioration, it’s wise to arrange for a replacement to prevent future issues.

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3. Schedule Professional Oil Heating System Service

Homeowners may notice clear signs of damage, but more minor, less apparent issues often go undetected. Certified HVAC technicians are equipped to identify early signs of trouble in an oil heating system that might otherwise be overlooked. 

These professionals can access difficult-to-reach areas and perform sophisticated tests to diagnose potential problems. Equipped with the necessary tools, they can thoroughly clean and tune up the system. It is advisable to arrange for furnace or boiler servicing annually. Regular maintenance by experts ensures prolonged equipment life and dependable operation.

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4. Protect Your Outdoor Tank

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Outdoor storage tanks are essential for storing valuable heating oil, but their accessibility makes them targets for theft. Thieves may attempt to siphon oil to resell, and some even track delivery trucks to identify homes with new supplies. 

Enhance your tank’s security by shielding it from view from the road; consider erecting a fence or planting bushes for concealment. Ensure sufficient space around the tank for proper airflow and to meet fire safety standards. Additionally, securing the tank with a lock, installing an oil tank alarm, and setting up CCTV surveillance can significantly deter and prevent theft.

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5. Consider An Oil Heating System Upgrade

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Summer is the ideal time for significant updates to your heating system. If you’ve considered upgrading, consider replacing old tanks with new, higher-capacity models to prevent future issues. It’s also an opportune time for boiler repairs or enhancements. If your HVAC system has been experiencing frequent breakdowns, summer provides the perfect window for a comprehensive replacement. Such projects can be time-consuming, making the warmer months, when heating isn’t essential, the best time to undertake them.

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6. Maintain Clear Access to the Oil Tank Fill Pipe

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Heating oil delivery trucks should have unobstructed access to your tank’s fill pipe to ensure smooth delivery operations. Over time, the area around the pipe can become overgrown with foliage. Regular checks are necessary to manage any overgrowth. Keep the bushes trimmed and the area around the fill pipe clear. After clearing, visibly mark the location of the fill pipe to help the delivery team locate it quickly and efficiently.

7. Explore Better Oil Delivery Options

If your current heating oil delivery service hasn’t met your expectations, summer is the right time to seek alternatives. Research competitors in your area and review customer feedback to gauge their service quality and dependability. You might discover providers who offer punctual deliveries, more competitive rates, or superior service deals. Consult with friends and neighbors to learn about their experiences with different services, providing you with practical insights.

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8. Avoid Oil Tank Condensation

Condensation within an oil tank can initiate damage by causing corrosion, which weakens the tank’s internal structure. This issue becomes more severe when tanks are nearly empty, as moisture-laden air occupies the vacant space, exacerbating the problem. Do not let your tank run low, even during summer. Ensuring your tank is adequately filled by scheduling a delivery helps maintain the tank’s integrity and prevent corrosion.

FAQs: Summer Maintenance and Delivery

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Below are some common questions regarding summer maintenance and delivery:

  1. How often should I schedule maintenance for my oil heating system? You should arrange for professional servicing of your furnace or boiler at least once a year. Scheduling this service during the summer helps ensure your system is in optimal condition ahead of the colder months, enhancing its reliability and prolonging its lifespan.
  1. What should I consider when planning major upgrades to my heating system? When considering major changes, such as replacing tanks or upgrading the system, consider the best time for such projects—summer is optimal. Evaluate potential efficiency improvements and ensure these upgrades match your heating requirements. Consulting with Skylands Energy Service can offer valuable guidance on the most cost-effective and efficient solutions.
  1. Is there a best practice for maintaining my oil tank during the summer to prepare for winter? Keep your oil tank half full throughout the summer to avoid condensation and subsequent corrosion. Regularly check the tank for signs of wear or damage and address these issues promptly with necessary repairs or replacements. This proactive approach helps ensure your system remains robust and ready for the winter months.


While it seems odd, summer is the ideal time to focus on maintaining your tank and boiler. These systems are constantly used in winter and are less accessible for extensive maintenance. Summer provides the perfect opportunity when these systems are idle, allowing you to conduct necessary maintenance and reassess your oil budget. This is also a great time to explore more efficient options for your next oil delivery.

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