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10 Ways to Save Money on Heating Oil

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Living in Central New Jersey presents two undeniable facts: winters are cold, and heating costs can be high. Residents rely on their furnaces and boilers to stay warm during these chilly months. While turning off the heating system is not an option, there are ways to lower oil heating costs without compromising comfort and safety. In this article, we will tackle some strategies to reduce heating oil costs effectively.

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10 Ways to Save Money on Oil Heating Costs

Below we discuss some effective ways to reduce your oil heating costs.

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1. Use a Smart Oil Gauge

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Good decisions are based on reliable data. Whether it is in the realm of business or household heating, understanding the numbers is crucial for making sound decisions. This principle holds true for managing your heating system efficiently. By using a smart oil gauge, you can continuously track your heating system’s consumption rates on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis – as a means to save on oil heating costs. With automated monitoring, the task of managing your oil tank becomes effortless. You will have real-time insights into your tank’s fuel levels, allowing you to implement fuel-saving tactics and witness immediate improvements.

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2. Install a Programmable Thermostat for Lower Oil Heating Costs

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Each household follows its unique daily routine. Some go through a rush of activity in the early morning as family members hustle to prepare for work and school. Others find chaos during lunch or dinner when everyone gets together for a meal. Heating requirements fluctuate accordingly. By using a programmable thermostat, homeowners can schedule the heating system to activate or deactivate at specific times throughout the day, aligning with established routines. Programmable thermostats have the flexibility to adjust temperature settings as needed. This device enhances the overall efficiency of the heating system while reducing oil heating costs.

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3. Replace the Filters

Making sure your heating equipment is in optimal condition is key when reducing oil heating costs. By doing so, you can prevent most issues. Set a routine of cleaning the area around the furnace or boiler and inspecting the oil tank for any signs of leaks, rust, or irregularities. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and replace filters on a monthly to bi-monthly basis. You may need to do this more frequently if you notice a significant buildup on the surface.

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4. Opt for Professional HVAC Tune-up

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Heating systems are intricately designed, comprising various components that work together to provide warmth in our homes. Any of these components can develop issues over time. Skilled professionals have the expertise to quickly identify and address these problems before they disrupt the heating system’s operation. They can inspect electrical connections, clear out accumulated dirt within the system, and replace worn-out parts. Schedule an annual comprehensive tune-up. Opt for a fall appointment when temperatures are relatively mild, allowing you the flexibility to turn off the furnace or boiler for an extended period temporarily.

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5. Seal Perimeter Openings

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Doors and windows serve more than just entry points. They can also allow cold outdoor air to infiltrate through small openings. Even when securely closed, gaps may still exist. Run your hand along the edges to detect any drafts. Drafts can keep indoor air cold and compel the heating system to exert extra effort to reach the desired thermostat settings. You can substantially lower your oil consumption and oil heating costs by effectively sealing these gaps with caulking and weatherstripping.

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6. Improve Insulation To Reduce Oil Heating Costs

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How effective is your insulation at retaining heat? If it is not doing the job correctly, your home can benefit from added insulation to combat the cold. If the current insulation has suffered damage from moisture or pests, replacement may be necessary. Improved insulation can effectively prevent heat loss. This can result in prolonged warmth. As a result, your furnace or boiler will not exert as much effort, which should lead to reduced oil consumption and an extended lifespan. The energy savings you accrue over time can offset the cost of the insulation itself.

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7. Exclude Vacant Spaces

For those with spacious homes, certain rooms often go unused for extended periods. You can decrease the strain on your heating system by closing the vents that supply heat to those unoccupied spaces. By doing so, these rooms will not receive warm air until you choose to open the vents. This adjustment will result in decreased oil consumption for your furnace or boiler.

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8. Order Heating Oil During Summer

Oil Delivery

Commodity prices are subject to changes driven by shifts in supply and demand dynamics. Typically, prices decrease when there is abundant supply coupled with reduced demand for the products. Consider heating oil as an example: the demand surges in winter, but it wanes in the summer when there is less need for heating. During this period, oil suppliers often lower their prices to attract buyers. This presents an opportunity for you to contact them and arrange for a fuel delivery. Take advantage of the discounted rates to fill up your oil tank. 

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9. Avoid Special Deliveries To Save On Oil Heating Costs

Even a full heating oil tank may not always last the entire winter season. Some tanks can run empty while the weather is still cold. As a result, you will need a mid-season refill. Schedule your delivery during regular business hours. Businesses often charge higher for emergency deliveries during nighttime, weekends, or holidays, as they have to compensate their workers for their off-hour services. Avoid this unless it is a genuine emergency and you have completely run out of fuel. A proactive approach is to prevent emergencies by refilling your tank before it is empty.  A good rule of thumb is to arrange delivery when your tank is at around 30% capacity.

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10. Limit Bathroom Fan Use

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Bathroom fans enhance air circulation, manage moisture, and eliminate odors. However, they also contribute to heat loss by expelling air rapidly. Be careful when using bathroom fans. Make sure they are not left running longer than required. Some fans come equipped with a built-in timer that automatically shuts them off. Adjust the settings and experiment with shorter durations to determine satisfactory outcomes. 

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Reducing your oil heating costs can be achieved through straightforward modifications within your household. By adjusting your daily routines, undertaking minor home enhancements, and incorporating helpful devices into your heating system, you can reduce your oil consumption without requiring substantial investments of time, money, or effort. Remember that you don’t have to manage everything by yourself. Reach out to your trusted HVAC contractor for cost-effective annual maintenance checks. They can address persistent issues and provide valuable heating guidance.

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