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Budgeting For Heating Oil Costs And Energy Tips For Saving Money

heating oil prices and billsMost homeowners don’t want to spend a lot of money on winter fuel costs. Although the cost of most fuel is determined by supply and demand factors, it is possible to estimate and budget for the amount of fuel that you’ll need during the winter months. Yes, we agree that it might be hard to make these estimates for the winter, especially since the price of fuel always fluctuates. However, if you want the best heating oil costs, Skylands Energy can provide the most affordable heating oil.

By budgeting for heating oil…

you will be able to know how much to set aside for the winter. Also, you will be able to pay the lowest heating oil prices by only ordering fuel when prices are low. This is a great way to reduce your home heating expenses. In this article, we will discuss how to budget for your fuel oil and share some energy saving tips for winter. You can do all this without compromising your comfort.

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How To Budget

Gallons Per Hour

Furnaces that burn oil usually burn about 0.92 to 1.7 gallons of fuel each hour. Certain factors such as the furnace model and its age can affect this amount. This is because not all furnace models burn the same amount of fuel according to this average figure. Thus, it is important that each homeowner develops a benchmark that can help them to budget fuel costs for the winter.

Manufacturer’s Plate

Look for the manufacturer’s plate by searching the burner or burner nozzle. It provides the capacity specifications for your furnace in terms of gallons burned each hour. Use this information to estimate the amount of fuel that you’ll have to burn when the winter months roll around.

Heating Bills

heating oil budget in asbury new jerseyAnother way for homeowners to estimate the cost of heating for future months…

is to analyze past heating bills. Find as many energy bills from past months and years as possible. Analyze the amount of energy used. This number can be determined by just dividing the usage amount by 12.

This provides the average monthly cost of energy paid for the year. You can use this as an estimate to determine how much energy you use in the future.

Analyze The Weather

In the weather industry, the phrase “heating-degree day” is very popular. What type of day is this? It is basically any day where the temperature is lower than 60 degrees. It is good to know how many “heating-degree days” there are in every year because this can help you to wisely budget for winter energy costs.

The Farmer’s Almanac is an example of a weather forecasting company that keeps track of weather statistics. This can be used by homeowners to track their energy usage. You can also gauge uncommon weather patterns with these statistics.

For instance, keep track of mild periods and whether they happen during certain times of the year. Also, determine if temperatures have gone down during specific times of the year for consecutive years. Looking at these types of patterns can help you to budget for upcoming winter months and future seasons as well. This is especially helpful if these seasons are predicted to be a lot harsher than others. You can plan accordingly.

Tips For Reducing Heating Costs

It is smart to estimate your needed amount of fuel for the winter months. However, it is also wise to consider a few tips for saving money during these months. They can help you to get the most fuel usage.


Old Furnace Replacement & Heater Tune-Up

It is recommended that homeowners replace furnaces that are more than 20 years old. Installing a new furnace can save as much as 15 to 25% in heating costs. In addition, having your furnace serviced annually by a licensed HVAC contractor helps to prepare for the winter season and keep down costs overall.

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Programmable Thermostats

Experts also suggest installing programmable thermostats. Although they may seem expensive at first, the money that they can save you in the future will more than help cover the initial cost paid for them. Basically, you’ll be able to recoup the cost of a new programmable thermostat quickly within a year.


Amazingly, a lot of homeowners don’t properly insulate their homes. Insulation should be placed in attics, exterior walls, floors with cold spaces underneath, and ceilings.

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Although you can’t get exact fuel costs when following these tips, you can use them to save money and overall fuel oil consumption.

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