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Prepare Your HVAC System For Stormy Weather

heater and AC repair in new brunswick nj homeA safe household is one that is prepared for emergencies. With the storm season upon us, you can expect to see strong winds and heavy rain. These require that you are ever vigilant if you are going to maintain a safe and dry HVAC system. There are some steps that will protect your home from damage and avoid expensive repairs or replacement of your heating and cooling system. We understand how frustrating it can be when your AC or heating system has received damage from the ravages of a storm. At Skylands Energy, we offer affordable HVAC repair to help you when you are faced with this kind of situation.

Protecting your air conditioner and heater during stormy conditions…

also protects you from the expense of HVAC repair. This will also keep your unit in good condition so that you can depend on it when you need it most. In this article, we will share some tips that can help you prepare for storm season and keep your HVAC system protected.

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Inspect The Area Surrounding Your Unit

Any time the weather service has issued a storm warning…

take time to inspect the area around your outdoor HVAC unit. What you are checking for is anything, like pots, outdoor furniture, and posts that could damage the unit. Move anything like this to a safer location or secure them in place.

If you have shrubs or trees close to the unit, think about cutting or at least trimming branches. Removing heavy or loose branches can minimize risks from damage caused by these breaking off during strong winds. Better yet, remove nearby limbs and dead trees before a storm is on its way.

Power Off

Did you know that when storms cause power outages, the sudden electricity surge can damage heating and cooling units. For this reason, you should prepare your home before a storm strikes by powering the units off. You may want to first over cool or over heat the house to help it remain at a comfortable temperature when the power does go off. To help with this, make sure to seal off window air conditioners and other openings. This will help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

Power Surge Protection

surge protectorPowerful storms often cause power surges that can damage electrical units. A whole house surge protector can be installed on your HVAC unit to help manage surges and prevent damage. The best source for advice about which type and capacity surge protector your unit should have is a trained and licensed HVAC technician. Taking their advice can ensure the unit offers the appropriate protection you home needs.

Cover HVAC Units

Prior to the onslaught of storms, use a tarp or other strong material to cover the outdoor unit. This will protect your unit from dirt and other debris such as twigs and leaves as well as rain and hail. Keeping the unit dry prevents corrosion and water damage. The tarp should be removed once the storm has moved on.

Secure The HVAC Unit

The ideal situation is when outdoor HVAC units are installed and anchored to flat concrete slabs to protect from floods or strong winds. This will ensure that they will be harder for strong winds or flood waters to wash them away. This is a particularly important step, particularly in those areas that are prone to hurricanes.

Check Units After The Storm

Once the storm has passed…

contact a qualified HVAC technician to have them inspect the unit. They will assess for damage and clean it if needed. This is an important step, especially if debris and soil have become trapped in the unit. At the same time, the technician will check to determine if electrical problems might exist within the unit. Once your contractor has given you the go ahead, turn the HVAC unit back on to help circulate air in the home. Proper air circulation improves indoor temperature, reduced humidity and helps prevent mold and mildew growth.

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