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How Your HVAC System Helps The Humidity Levels Of Your Home

Raritan NJA high level of humidity in your house can be inconvenient in a number of ways. The first thing you notice when humidity is high during the summer is personal discomfort. You sweat a lot and you feel stuffy. While you cannot do anything about the humidity outside, there are things you can do to combat humidity in your home or office.

You can reduce humidity indoors with the help of an air conditioner and give your home the perfect comfort. Skylands Energy is here to help homeowners understand how to use their AC system as a dehumidifier. Raritan NJ homeowners deal with high levels of humidity during the summer. Therefore, being proactive to alleviate the discomfort is important.

In this article, we will cover some of the effects of humidity on your health and how an AC can help you reduce humidity. We will also discuss what you can do in the winter to prevent dry air that is commonly associated with using a heating system.

By keeping optimal humidity levels in your home…

you will feel much more comfortable. Also, your health will benefit because a home that has high or low humidity levels usually cause health issues for the occupants of that home.

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Health: Mold And Mildew

A humid environment is the perfect breeding ground for mildew, mold spores, and other pathogenic bacteria. Mold and mildew thrive and grow in a hot and humid environment.

The presence of mold spores has serious implications on your health because they can cause breathing problems and dermatitis. In fact, people who have a poor immune system are particularly at risk here because they fall sick often. Dust mites also breed in hot and humid places. These are the main culprits in cases of asthma allergy attacks or other respiratory issues.

If you find a way to reduce humidity in your home, you and your family members will enjoy better health.

What Is The Right Level Of Humidity?

The right level of humidity is 45%-55%. This level is just perfect for ideal temperature dispersal. It is also the right level to ensure there is no breakout of mold and mildew. If humidity level gets higher than 80%, it will be very uncomfortable. On the other hand, if the humidity level gets below 40%, it will cause some inconveniences. Stick to the recommended 45-55% and your home will be comfortable. Note that having the right level of humidity in your home makes your cooling and heating systems work efficiently. Your A/C helps remove excess moisture in the atmosphere especially during the summer months. This means that you enjoy the right temperature at every time of the year.

dehumidifier in Raritan New JerseyYou can combat humidity in different ways during the summer and winter months. In summer, you should simply switch off the humidifiers and use exhaust fans when cooking of bathing. This will keep your home cool and also reduce humidity levels. In addition, you should set your AC at the right temperature because this will remove excess moisture from the air and keep your home comfortable. During the winter months, you can take the following measures:

  • Add additional plants to the rooms in your house
  • Use a room humidifier most of the time
  • Place a small basin of water near your heating system

How Does The Air Conditioner Remove Humidity?

If you have a modern air conditioner, it will regulate humidity in your home. This is because your AC comes with an evaporator coil and the cooling system works with an evaporator and condensation mechanism. The liquid condenses out of the air and removes moisture from the surrounding atmosphere. This moisture is then collected in the evaporator coil and drains down a line located outside of the AC unit.

How to Achieve Perfect Results

On a final note, you should consider the size of your home and the capacity of your heating and cooling system. You need a powerful AC to cool large spaces and a relatively small one to cool small spaces in your home. For instance, you need a window unit  to cool a small bedroom or a home office. Window units are not the best option when trying to achieve energy efficient, indoor comfort. A ductless AC system  work much more effectively. For your master bedroom or living room, you can use a powerful central AC or a ductless system to get the job done. This is the only way to maintain the right level of humidity and keep your home cool and comfortable all year round. Regardless, it is best to consult with a professional HVAC expert to find out why your home is dealing with humidity issues. They will also help your find the adequate solutions for such issues.

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