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How Ceiling Fans Can Help Increase The Energy Efficiency Of Your Home

ceiling fan and air conditionerCeiling fans help bring down temperature through convection. Convection refers to the transfer of thermal energy from the source to another location. When ceiling fans are turned on, the movement of the blades moves air, cooling the skin through evaporation. Therefore, when you use a ceiling fan on a warm day, you will feel cool even if air temperature does not change.

There is also another aspect to ceiling fans that make them not only advantageous in summer, but winter too. The fan motor actually produces heat through fiction. This helps warm the rooms during cold months by distributing heat evenly within an enclosed area. Hot air rises and since the action of ceiling fans help spread air inside a room, the temperature of the room remains warm and comfortable.

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Energy Efficient Homes Springfield NJ: How Can Ceiling Fans Help Cool The Environment?

Ceiling fans work well with the air conditioning system in making your home feel more comfortable. The fan can blow cool air and distribute it throughout the enclosed area. However, this action is only possible if the blades are turning in the right direction.

To ensure that the blades push air downward, stand directly under the fan. If you cannot feel the air on the top of your head or on your face, the fan is pulling air upward. To change the direction of the air, switch off the fan, and reverse the direction of the blades.

Using a ceiling fan can help reduce energy costs. You can turn up the thermostat by 3 to 4 degrees and still enjoy the same cool environment as long as the ceiling fan is switched on.

Considerations To Keep In Mind About Using Ceiling Fans

energy costsA ceiling fan relies on the efficiency of the blades to operate well. If your ceiling fan has more blades, it will move the air more slowly because of the weight of the blades. More blades will help the fan turn quietly but the weight will reduce air flow. The size of the fans will also affect air flow. Larger fans, for example, can make air flow better. In standard rooms of 144 sq.ft. to 225 sq.ft., the best ceiling fan size is a 44-inch unit. This should ensure that the room has even temperature throughout.

Keep in mind that any heat source that is included in the fan as an accessory can also be a source of heat. If the fan has incandescent lightbulbs, the bulbs will also produce heat and counteract the cooling effect of the fan. If you want an energy-efficient ceiling fan to work with your home, choose one with low-energy LED lightbulbs. It is also important to turn off the fan when no one is using the room. Fans cool people, not rooms.

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Bringing Down The Cost Of Your Springfield Cooling Bill

If you want to create an energy-efficient home, a ceiling fan is an excellent addition. According to Lifehacker, a study showed that ceiling fans help lower room temperature by about 4 degrees on average. In Australian studies, increasing the temperature on your AC by at least 1.8 degrees can decrease running time by at least 10%. [1] Setting the AC at 78 degrees instead of 4 degrees lower can also help save about 23% on cooling costs.

If you want to calculate your energy savings on ceiling fans, you can expect about $34 a month on average. Ceiling fans are quite affordable, costing around $5.82 a month when used for 18 hours per day. You save over $100 annually on your energy expenses and still stay cool and comfortable all day, depending on your location. You could save more if the region where you live enjoys a warm, even climate all year. On some days, you might not even need air conditioning as long as your ceiling fan is working.

Enjoy The Savings On Air Conditioner Repairs And Replacements

You will enjoy even more savings by having ceiling fans installed. When ceiling fans are on, you can increase the thermostat on the air conditioner but still enjoy a cool home. Doing so will help prevent wear-and-tear on the motor parts. As a result, the AC will last longer with regular maintenance, needing fewer air conditioner repairs. By using ceiling fans, you can save on energy costs and enjoy a comfortable, energy-efficient home.

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