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3 Things That Will Reduce The Lifespan Of Your HVAC System

central air conditionerAlthough no appliance lasts forever, it is possible to increase the longevity of some if you take the right steps. This is certainly the case with cooling and heating systems. Such HVAC systems can easily last up to 15 years or longer. However, the care that you invest in them makes all of the differenece in the world.

Taking the appropriate measures to maintain an HVAC unit properly will almost certainly increase its lifespan. Additionally, there are also things that you should try your best to avoid.

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HVAC Company North Branch NJ: Three Factors That Contribute To A Short HVAC System Lifespan

In this article, we discuss three aspects that can significantly reduce the lifespan of your HVAC system.

1. Lack Of HVAC Maintenance

air conditioning tune-up in NJContinuous maintenance is essential to prolong the life of any appliance or system. For this reason, homeowners should make sure that an HVAC contractor cleans their HVAC units regularly. It is also important to change air filters when necessary before they become clogged with dirt and debris.

There are also other specific maintenance tasks that an HVAC professional should perform. A general rule is to schedule a yearly tuneup for each system. This low-cost service can offer significant savings in the future, as it is the best way to discover minor problems before they become major ones.

During such an appointment, the HVAC tech inspects the system, focusing on areas that are prone to breaking down. Preventative measures will be taken, such as making minor repairs, lubricating the system, deep cleaning the unit, and testing its electronic components. With regular HVAC maintenance, the heating and cooling unit should be able to perform at optimum efficiency. This will also help the homeowner keep energy consumption at a manageable level. The more diligent a homeowner is, the better the chances that their monthly utility bills will remain low.

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2. Allowing The HVAC System To Labor Excessively

cranking hvac systemOverstressing an HVAC system can also lead to its early demise. If it must labor harder than it should have to, its lifespan will almost certainly be shorter than average. Although you have the option of setting the air conditioner at an extremely low temperature, this is not always a wise course of action. Similarly, just because you can turn your heat up to the maximum setting, does not mean it is something you should do regularly. On the contrary, the majority of the time you should set the thermostat at a moderate temperature so that the unit can create a comfortable home environment without laboring too long or too hard.

If you think the rooms in your home are somewhat warm in the summer, try using a fan to offset the temperature. This will help you to cool off in a pleasant manner, while at the same time allowing your air conditioning unit to consume less energy.

Closing off air vents in different rooms of your house is another activity you should refrain from at all times. When you do this, back pressure forces conditioned air into parts of the home that do not need to be cooled. This pressure puts an additional burden on any central air system.

3. Ignoring Red Flags From Your HVAC System

homeowner who needs hvac serviceAs HVAC systems age, repair issues often develop. However, they will not cause significant damage if you address them early. It is much cheaper, easier, and faster to fix problems when they are still in their minor stages. Unfortunately, many people are not proactive concerning this issue. Numerous individuals allow their system to run even though telltale signs of problems are evident. Some issues include odd smells, noisy operation, and leaks. It is never wise to ignore such symptoms, regardless of the circumstances.

For example, if you neglect any minor issues, your HVAC repairs may ultimately come to thousands of dollars. If you address the problems immediately, this would almost certainly not be the case. You may even need significant components replaced, which is another reason you should never ignore red flags. Entire system replacement is the worst case scenario and is often the result of refusing to address issues as soon as possible.

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The vast majority of air conditioning system problems are preventable if you schedule regular maintenance. In addition, you can prolong the lifespan of your heating and cooling unit by calling an HVAC company as soon as it has a problem.

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