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When To Change Your Home’s Air Filters

There is not one doubt that changing the air filter is a vital part of maintaining your home’s HVAC system. Nevertheless, some homeowners are not sure about the frequency with which they need to accomplish this task. The problem is that there are no definitive rules governing this action. However, there are a few things to look at that will tell you when it is time to change the filter. A major indicator is when you can see visible dirt or dust accumulation on it which interferes with its performance. Skylands Energy can help you understand what you need to know about your air filters.

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Air filter changes…

are crucial for air conditioner maintenance. Asbury NJ residents will ensure comfort, prevent unnecessary repairs, and reduce their energy costs.

This article discusses what you need to know about air filter changes and AC maintenance.

How To Know When It’s Time To Change The Air Filter

Filter Type

air conditioner maintenance tips in asbury NJ homeThe type of air filter installed in your HVAC system is another critical factor that must be thought about. With so many different filter types on the market today, you will need to determine which one if right for the size and model of your unit. A variety of materials are used in the construction of these filters. Some of these have pleats, but others are constructed with panels. Thicknesses also vary from one filter to another.

It often seems like a great way to save money to choose an inexpensive filter… 

but in the long term, this could end up costing a lot more. Quality filters generally do not need changing as often as other cheaper models. Be sure to add buying quality air filters to your air conditioner maintenance checklist.

Pets And Air Quality

The quality of the air inside your home is another factor that should be considered when selecting an air filter. You should also think about the number of people occupying your home, pets and whether or not there is construction going on somewhere near your home or dust that could affect air quality. Even if you have to replace your air filter more often, realize that AC maintenance cost is far cheaper than a repair or a breakdown.

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Air Filter Package Information

Packaging on new air filters typically include manufacturer information telling you how often the filter should be changed. Of course, you should consider this only a guideline and may not meet the individual needs of homeowners using them. Homes with multiple pets are likely to require more frequent filter changes. At the same time, air filters in vacation homes will require less frequent filter changes. Be sure to change your filter as often as needed to perform proper air conditioning preventive maintenance.

Finding The Appropriate Air Filter For Your System

changing out HVAC air filterChoosing the perfect air filter depends on size of the return along with other special requirements with which you need to deal. There must be a filter in your home’s HVAC return and you will need to determine the needed size. This can be found by checking the filter already installed or by measuring the opening. In addition to purchasing the right size filter, you may want to choose one that is recommended for people with allergies and right for pets. Such filters are designed to minimize allergens and pet dander. If you are unsure of the size that you need, schedule an air conditioner maintenance service and ask your HVAC contractor.

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General Rule For Changing Air Filters

Generally speaking, it is important to change the heating and air conditioner air filter every one to three months. Of course, this is only a general rule. If your filter seems dirty, it should be replaced. Most HVAC experts recommend making it a habit to check the filter every month and change it as needed. Just don’t allow it to go unchanged for more than three months. The thing is that when the filter is dirty it is not going to trap as much debris and dirt as your air conditioner or heater is running.

Dirty filters cause your HVAC system to work harder…

and leads to unexpected problems and higher energy bills. Clean air filters actually help improve air quality and reduce expenses.


Air Conditioner Maintenance Asbury NJ

A fundamental part of maintaining your HVAC system is routinely changing your air filter. This is a vital maintenance task. The overall functioning of your air conditioning and heating system depends on it. Also,  when wondering “how often should i service my air conditioner?’, remember that part of good HVAC maintenance includes an annual tune-up for the system. For that reason, you should always try to have this scheduled, before hot weather arrives. However, it is never to late too maintain your AC system. Late is better than never. Be sure to find a reliable, experienced and reputable cooling and heating professional.

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