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Top Causes For HVAC Airflow Issues

air conditioner repair near meIf the HVAC system in your home is acting up, do not try to fix it yourself. HVAC professionals have the training and the experience necessary to deal with HVAC situations.

If the airflow is a problem, the problem could be much deeper than you might think. Any do-it-yourself fixes may possibly cause worse problems down the road.

If your HVAC is not giving enough airflow, call in an experienced team for a thorough inspection.
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Home AC Repair Near Me Frenchtown NJ: Top Causes For HVAC Airflow Issues

There are various causes of poor airflow issues. Following are the most common causes of airflow problems that occur with HVAC systems.

The AC Condenser Unit Is Obstructed

The condenser needs to have space to do its job effectively. A blocked condenser leads to overheating, leading to problems with airflow. When this is happening, you can clear the obstruction, but that may not fix the issue. An HVAC technician can resolve the problem correctly.

Clogged HVAC Air Filters Cause Air Flow Problems

dirty hvac filterThe air filters are an essential line of defense for keeping the air in your home clean. Over time, dirt and dust build up on air filters. That is why you must replace them on a regular basis. A clogged air filter leads to reduced quality of air, temperature fluctuations, and possible damage to other parts of your home HVAC system.

The Air Conditioner’s Air Ducts Are Blocked Or Leaking

When dirt and debris accumulate in the air ducts, it reduces the airflow. As the particulates continue to build up in the air ducts, the worse the problem gets.

Also, sometimes there are cracks in the ductwork. This causes the air to leak out, reducing airflow and causing issues with the efficiency of your home HVAC system.

The HVAC Registers And Vents Are Blocked

Another reason for airflow issues involves blockages in the registers or vents in your home. Sometimes objects sitting over or in front of vents can cause a blockage. Check to make sure your furniture or other objects are not obstructing vents or registers.

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The A/C Condenser Coil Is Dirty

The condenser coil in your HVAC system rids your home of heat. When the condenser coil gets dirty, it cannot release heat as expected. Consequently, dirty coils can make your unit work too hard, and you will have problems with airflow. An experienced HVAC company can clean the condenser coil and restore the airflow to your home.

The HVAC Design Is Not Suited For Your Home

outdated air conditionerYou may run into airflow problems if you have remodeled your home. The original air conditioning system was built for a certain home design and size. However, if there have been changes to the design without changing the HVAC system, it can keep the unit from cooling your house. An HVAC professional can inspect your unit and upgrade the system in your home if necessary. This usually entails ductwork changes or other solutions to solve the problem.

The Thermostat or Battery Is Not Working Correctly

Sometimes a problem with the thermostat causes airflow issues. It could be that your thermostat needs to be fixed or simply that the battery is low. Check the battery. However, if the battery is not the issue, call in HVAC professionals as soon as possible.

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