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The Many Ways That HVAC Technology Has Changed The Way We Live

ductless hvac systemAir conditioning has not always been a part of everyday life. It used to be that summer meant dealing with the heat, comfortable or not. When it was hot outside the home, it was also hot inside.

Staying cool during the summer was difficult to do. Over time, we moved on to fans and cooler clothing, but it was the development of air conditioning units that brought the ultimate in summer comfort.

Changes In HVAC Technology & Its Impact

With the development and implementation of HVAC systems, the world seemed to open up. We began to be less limited by temperatures outside, and temperatures that were once hard to bear became controllable.

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Summer Heat Brought In Audiences

Movie theaters were one of the first businesses to use air conditioning as a means of bringing in customers. It was a smart business move.

Cooling off with friends and family at a summer movie grew in popularity. Hollywood caught on and started releasing their best movies in the summer. The tradition of the summer premier has carried on through to the current day.

Air Conditioning Brought An Increase In Production

warehouse employeesManufacturing became a year-round industry when air conditioning made it possible for workers and machines to function even on the hottest days. Instead of dealing with summer layoffs, air conditioning increased production and employment. ACs kept machines from overheating. Products, that used to spoil, now had a longer shelf life.

Air Conditioners Changed Home Design

The use of air conditioning in the home changed home design. Gone are the must-have porches, breezeways, multiple windows, and thin walls.

Modern homes tend to have fewer windows and are less likely to have them on the sun-catching south and west sides. Porches and breezeways are options instead of necessities, and walls are insulated to keep outside temps where they belong.

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Health Improved Due To Cleaner Air From HVAC Systems

Air conditioning has improved our health. ACs do not just keep us cool. HVAC systems are designed for use with filters to catch dirt and dust. Air quality is much better when the filters are cleaned or replaced on a regular basis. If this is not enough, there are even more purification options for reducing pet dander, pollen, allergens, and VOCs in the air we breathe.

Evolving HVAC Technology Increased Energy Efficiency

energy efficientThe development of smart sensors and energy auditing in HVAC systems has made it easier to find problems inside the home and within the HVAC system. HVAC settings can be adjusted to increase the efficiency of the system and compensate for any leaks inside the home.

Programmable & Smart Thermostats Let Homeowners Choose

The addition of smart thermostats has given us even more control. A smart thermostat means that homeowners can program their systems to operate differently over the course of the day and even control temperatures in different parts of the house. Some thermostats automatically adjust to sensory input. The latest AC units can be controlled with a smartphone through the use of an app, so homeowners can control their air conditioning when they are away from home. This serves a dual purpose of saving energy and providing instant comfort when you walk into your home after a long day.

HVAC Breakdowns Are More Preventable

HVAC failures can be predicted through the use of algorithms in sensors. An HVAC technician can attach sensors in various areas of the system and catch problems before homeowners realize there is an issue. The sensors notify the homeowner so problems can be fixed as soon as possible. This keeps smaller issues from growing into larger ones and saves money in the long run.

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