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Why HVAC Air Filter Replacements Are So Critical

Air Conditioning MaintenanceWhen did you replace your HVAC’s air filter last? Unfortunately, this essential task is something that is often overlooked by homeowners. Since air filters are an integral part of your AC, replacing filters should be a part of your air conditioner maintenance checklist. A filter is responsible for your home’s indoor air quality, trapping contaminants, allergens, and various other indoor air pollutants. It prevents safety hazards and fire hazards as well.

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Your Air Filter & Air Conditioner Maintenance Bridgewater NJ

The air filter performs many vital functions. It is crucial that air filters be changed regularly to fulfill these functions correctly. This article will discuss the importance of changing your HVAC filter regularly.

Dirty Air Filter

air filterYour air filter is often made of a spun fiberglass material. In some cases, it is made up of pleated paper or cloth. A cardboard frame usually encloses the filter. With use, this fine mesh becomes denser and denser with particulates.

Airflow is unable to flow freely with a dirty air filter. When there is an obstruction, your A/C’s blower fan strains to push air. This blockage results in uneven room temperatures and inadequate cooling. Therefore, it is crucial to clean or change your air filter regularly.

Extended Lifespan

The dense buildup in your dirty air filter decreases air flow. This blockage makes your HVAC system less efficient. It also causes other heating and cooling components of your AC to overstrain to help air push through the buildup. Your system might eventually experience system failure when this happens.

Every machine has an expected lifespan. However, your air conditioner won’t last long without regular professional central air conditioner maintenance. Air conditioning preventive maintenance checks are essential as professional technicians will make sure that every part of your AC is working correctly. These checks include cleaning or changing your air filter when needed. Having routine maintenance will help you prevent costly repairs and early replacement. More importantly, it will extend your unit’s lifespan. Be sure to search for “air conditioner maintenance near me” to find a reputable heating and cooling specialist in your area. Only a professional truly knows how to clean a central air conditioner to achieve the best results.

Maintaining Energy Efficiency

energy efficient houseA clean air filter means that heated or cooled air easily travels through the furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner in your home. On the other hand, your HVAC system tends to work harder when contaminants clog the surfaces of your air filters. If you do not remedy this immediately, your HVAC unit’s efficiency will steadily decline.

An inefficient HVAC system means that you will be paying more for your power. A dirty air filter reduces your AC’s efficiency by as much as five percent to as much as fifteen percent. Therefore, cleaning your air filter often will ensure that you are receiving optimum thermal comfort.

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Fewer Repairs

Dirty air filters can lead to a multitude of problems including overheating and other issues. One of the common problems it can cause is a frozen evaporator coil. Because of the reduced air flow, warm air does not pass through the cold evaporator coils. Ice will eventually form and may cause your air conditioner to leak. These damages caused by a clogged air filter can lead to system failure unless serviced immediately.

Moreover, a frequently malfunctioning system is an unnecessary inconvenience. Repairs, parts, and services are costly. Cleaning or changing your dirty air filters are vital if you want your HVAC system to remain both efficient and economical at the same time.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Air quality largely contributes to how comfortable you feel at home. A clean HVAC filter means that you and your family are receiving high-quality, healthy indoor air. After all, an air filter’s primary responsibility is to trap contaminants including dust and pollen.

With that said, a clogged filter with accumulated particles loses its protective function. Harmful debris is re-circulated back into your home instead of filtered out. These contaminants can cause severe respiratory illnesses or skin irritations. It can also affect the electronics in your home because the dust and dirt that your system disperses shorten your electronic’s lifespans. A clean air filter promotes a healthier indoor air quality for everyone in your household.

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Preventing Mold

The thick debris on your dirty air filter attracts condensation. This dampness is a perfect environment for mold or bacteria growth. Mold will damage the overall function of your HVAC system. However, what is alarming is the harm that it can cause to your body and home.

If you are experiencing nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, coughing or wheezing, and eye irritations without any apparent cause, then you might want to check your HVAC filter. Mold can also cause skin irritations and severe allergies. Also, this fungus can damage the walls and floors of your home. Prevent mold growth and all mold-related issues by keeping your HVAC filters clean.



Typically, you need to clean your HVAC filter every month during heavy use. During off-peak times, change or clean it at least every three months. Regularly changing your air filter means your heating and cooling unit is a more efficient and cost-effective system.

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