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How To Care For Your HVAC System Before Going On Vacation

heating and cooling maintenanceWarm weather and vacations usually go hand-in-hand. With the summer still in full swing, many are departing to leave for family vacation.  However, regardless of whether you plan a vacation in summer or winter, you still have to prepare your home before going. This preparation should include your heating and cooling equipment.

Getting a professional to conduct a tune-up on your AC or furnace will ensure that you do not come home to an uncomfortable home. Moreover, you get to enjoy your vacation thoroughly. You won’t worry whether or not your HVAC system will still work when you get home.

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HVAC Maintenance Somerville NJ: Steps To Take Before Leaving On Vacation

Your heating and air conditioning system helps make your home comfortable. Preparing your system before you go on vacation ensures that it’s still in perfect working order after you return home. This article covers some tips to help make sure that your unit stays efficient and economical even while you’re away.

Don’t Turn Your System Off

HVAC costsKeep your HVAC system turned on. You probably think that shutting your system off is the best thing to do while you are away. After all, turning a piece of equipment off when it’s not in use does make sense. However, your heating and cooling system is an exception. Your HVAC system is designed to run around the clock. Thus, frequently turning it on and off will strain your system.

Moreover, your HVAC system is responsible for three things. First, it provides cool air during the summer and warm air during the cold winter months. Second, it dehumidifies your home. It acts as humidity control. Lastly, your unit keeps dust and other contaminants from circulating in your home.

Turning your system off will only result in poor indoor air quality. You will end up getting in a hot or cold, dusty, and humid home after your vacation.

Check Your Air Filter

air filterThe air filter in your HVAC system plays a vital role. It traps contaminants from entering your home. Also, it is essential for the overall functionality of your unit. A dirty air filter can cause multiple problems to your unit. Therefore, before you leave, make sure that your air filter is clean. A clean air filter assures you that your system is less likely to malfunction while you enjoy your vacation.

Check The Vents And Windows

The next thing you need to check is your vents and windows. Walk around all the rooms in your home and make sure that all vents are open. Airflow is essential for the efficiency of your system. Opening all these vents ensures that you get proper airflow. Also, close all the windows. It will help your system’s effectiveness as well. Doing so ensures that your home is secured while you are away.

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Install A Surge Protector

Blackouts and other electrical interruptions can happen unexpectedly. Thus, it is possible that one happens while you are away on vacation. Voltage spikes can undoubtedly cause damage or even system failure to your HVAC system. To prevent that from happening, make sure that you install a surge protector. A surge protector will protect your heating and cooling system from any damages due to sudden voltage spikes.

Install A Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat enables you to use programmed settings while you are on vacation. These settings adjust the temperature in your home to maximize the efficiency of your HVAC system.

It can also be set depending on the season. You can set it so that your AC reduces the cooling in your home while you are on summer vacation. If you are going away during the winter, you can also set it so that your furnace reduces the heat while you’re gone. Likewise, you can set it so that your system kicks on right before you get home. This way, you come home to a comfortable house. Also, you will not dread getting high utility bills at the end of the month.

HVAC Maintenance

technician performing a tune-upA tune-up before you go on vacation is the best way you can prepare your HVAC system. Routine maintenance includes inspecting every component of your AC or heater. This way, you are ensured that every part is working correctly. Also, the technician can address any existing issues right away. Resolving any problems right away prevents them from escalating into major and costly repairs.

Contact a trusted HVAC contractor to conduct a tune-up. Even if you aren’t gone long, you will greatly benefit from getting a maintenance checkup. There is less of a chance that your system malfunctions while you are away. Therefore, you will be coming home to a system that performs well. It will also save you the inconvenience of getting repairs after you come back.

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Just as we’ve discussed, you must keep your HVAC system turned on even while you are away on vacation. You should also check your air filters. Make sure that all vents are open and all windows are closed. More importantly, schedule a tune-up before you leave.

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