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Don’t Fall Victim To Furnace Short Cycling

furnace repair in a Bernardsville New-Jersey homeYour home heating system typically works harder, cycling on more frequently, as the weather gets colder. Nevertheless, you should also be aware of a condition known as short cycling, recognized by repeated on and off cycles. Although this can seem like a major nuisance, it is important to address it immediately. Rather than dealing with this for months on end and trying to conduct some furnace troubleshooting and repairs yourself, homeowners should schedule a furnace repair. Bernardsville NJ homeowners don’t have to spend a fortune to fix a problem like this. When looking for furnace repair near me, know that Skylands Energy is here to offer affordable heater repair for those who are experiencing heating system issues, such as short cycling.

By fixing your short cycling furnace…

you can avoid an array of problems. One of those problems could be the demise of your entire heating system. Higher energy bills are among the problems as well.

What causes short cycling, and how do you repair this problem? In this article, we will cover some of the primary causes of furnace short cycling.


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Improperly Sized HVAC System

If the issues with short cycling started soon after the installation of a new heating system…

the problem can be significant. This is often the result of a heating unit that is simply too large for the space it is intended to heat. What happens is that the air temperature fluctuates rapidly between cold and hot. This causes the equipment to remain in an ever changing cycle of heating and cooling in rapid succession. This can shorten the heating system’s lifespan and drives up energy bills.

Most homeowners are happy when their furnace quickly warms up the home. However, there is certainly a benefit to this but an efficiently operating system is top priority. You may have noticed that your furnace has been short cycling from the time it was installed. If so, it could be that an error was made when the HVAC technicians measured the indoor space. To remedy this, contact an experienced and reputable HVAC contractor and ask them to perform a load evaluation.

Over Heating

furnace short cyclesThere is a safety mechanism on your home’s heating system that monitors the surrounding temperatures. It shuts down the equipment when there is a risk for over heating.

When the heat exchanger becomes excessively hot…

the burner automatically switches off. This is the condition called ‘short cycling’. This can also happen when there are cracks in this component. It is important that you let it operate in this condition for any length of time.

When your gas furnace is not working properly, it is possible that the heat exchanger is cracked. When this happens, carbon monoxide leaks into your home. Carbon monoxide is a odorless, poisonous gas that can kill you and your family. You should have a trained professional check your system as quickly as possible when you suspect your system is short cycling. This is particularly important when a damaged heat exchanger is the cause. A licensed HVAC technician can track down the problem and determine what will correct it.

Other Causes

Sometimes the unit itself is not the cause for short cycling but rather a faulty thermostat is. You can have this tested and repaired to get your unit functioning properly again. Even the placement of this device can affect how well it performs. When it’s near another heat source, the readings are incorrect. This causes the heater to turn off before the home is heated to the desired temperature. If you believe that this is not the cause, then you will have to continue with your gas furnace troubleshooting.

Other causes of short cycling:

clogged furnace filterClogged Filters: Warm air can accumulate within the unit when the filters are dirty and signal the furnace to turn off. Also, have an HVAC service company complete a tune-up on your system annually. This tune-up will include cleaning or changing the air filters.


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Flame Sensors: A trained professional is the only person that should do any type of maintenance on your heating system. Rust buildup on the flame sensor of a gas furnace can prevent it from functioning properly. Since a furnace operates with flammable substances and high voltages, it is best to call in a certified service technician for any repairs.


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You might think that short cycling is an insignificant issue, especially when the unit is still maintaining warmth inside the home. Nevertheless, when the unit is turning on and off too frequently, it puts all the unit’s components under undue stress. This adds up to a lot of extra wear and tear on the motor, belts and other components. Always contact an established HVAC company operating in your area to perform necessary maintenance and repairs.

Skylands Energy is a name known for offering professional and trusted HVAC services. We have been in the heating and cooling industry for quite some time which means that we have the adequate experience and knowledge to service your system. Our services are always professional, friendly, and affordably priced. When your furnace is short cycling, be sure to call the pros at Skylands Energy.


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