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Major Differences Between Heating Oil & Natural Gas

Heating fuel determines much of the behavior of a heating system. This is usually the primary consideration when choosing an HVAC unit.

Your choice of heating fuel…

will have a massive impact on your monthly bills, comfort level, and overall safety. In this article, we will discuss the differences between natural gas and heating oil.

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Financing And Sourcing Option

energy costs and home fuel oil Raritan NJNatural gas tends to be sourced from a single company. With this kind of setup, customers have limited options when it comes to service packages and everything else. However, this is not a problem for those that choose fuel oil since there are lots of sources for this fuel. There is greater variance from one company to the next. You can really customize your experience and get better deals if you shop around.

Get a delivery schedule that works for you. Find a fuel delivery company that can offer good financing options. Essentially, it is important that you find a company that is known for fast, reliable, and affordable high quality heating oil deliveries.

Ecological Stress

There are plenty of myths surrounding these fuels. Many assume that natural gas is better for the environment because of the things they heard from other people. The name itself suggests a more benign heating source. Anything natural should be good, right? Not always, as it turns out.

Natural gas is actually considered as the more destructive of the two because of its composition. The main ingredient is methane which is known to contribute to global warming. Methane is up to 25 times worse than carbon dioxide when it comes to climate change as per the EPA. Heating oil is more ecologically sound, especially if you use blends with biodiesel that result in sulfur-free fuel. The overall contributions to particulate emissions is less than half of a percent. This is a far cry from competing heating fuels that scientists warn us about. So, when it comes to heating oil vs. natural gas, fuel oil is far more environmentally friendly than natural gas.


heating oil is energy efficientHeating systems of all types have improved tremendously over the past decades. This means that they can convert the same amount of fuel into a greater amount of heat so you don’t have to use up as much to warm the house. Using heating oil provides homeowners with the option for energy efficient heating. New models of boilers and oil furnaces are particularly impressive. Their AFUE rating can reach and even exceed 95%. They are also easy to repair and maintain so the cost of ownership is much lower. A study estimated that a new oil furnace can provide homeowners with 40% savings. They can also last longer while causing less headaches along the way.

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Another thing to consider is the volatility of the fuel.

Natural gas explodes when there is a leak and a source of ignition.

In this type of situation, fire consumes the house and the people inside and around the home are put in a dangerous situation. That is why it would be prudent to check for leaks periodically if you depend on natural gas. This is not a concern when you use heating oil to heat your home. Heating oil does not explode so the family is kept safe. You don’t have to be on constant high alert when it comes to the pipes and equipment. There is no need to spend money and effort on gas leak inspections or gas detectors.


Oil heat prices tend to be cheaper…

when you compare home heating oil prices to natural gas costs in many parts of the US. This is no doubt partly due to the abundance of crude oil sources. There are a large amount of oil deposits still waiting to be captured which ensures a continued supply. This is different for natural gas consumers who have to deal with interruptibles when the demand is high and supplies are lacking.

Homes that use heating oil have enjoyed low prices for decades and the trend is likely to continue for the future. Since natural gas is not as abundant and shortages do occur, prices tend to go up as well. With the steady demand of natural gas, homeowners usually need to find alternative heating sources if they do not want to pay inflated prices.

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The majority of US households depend on either heating oil or natural gas. The advantages of the first makes it much more appealing to consumers.

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