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Steps To Take During A Heater Malfunction

Heating Repair Raritan New JerseyDuring the winter months, your heater becomes one of your home’s most prized possessions. It helps you and your family stay comfortable when the temperature gets cold outside. To keep your heating system working properly throughout the cold weather, it is vital that you have it serviced regularly by a professional HVAC contractor. You can boost the performance of your furnace and keep it from breaking down when you need it most, just by having it routinely maintained. Of course, it is important to remember that your heating system always has the potential for malfunctioning at any time and for, what seems like, no reason.

When your furnace malfunctions…

always be prepared to handle the situation. It is entirely out of the question trying to fix your heater on your own. You can make the situation worse or hurt yourself. In this article, we will share some steps that you can take if your heater does stop working during the winter.

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Shut The Doors To Rooms That You Don’t Use

Any time your heating system stops working, it is important to keep as much heat indoors as possible. The first thing to do is shut all the doors leading to rooms you are not currently using. This prevents the escape of heat into rooms that are not being used. You can stay in the rooms with the most warmth for a couple of hours while waiting for the arrival of your HVAC professional.


Any time your heater stops working, take advantage of this time to do some cooking. What you will be doing is generating some heat and adding humidity to the air. Stews, soups and other foods that are cooking on the stove not only gives you something warm to eat, but also helps heat the room you are in.


stay warm when heater breaksWhenever the heat goes out…

be sure to limit your activities to just one room. This minimizes heat loss. However, there are other things you can do to stay warm. Consider exercising to warm up the body naturally. Heat is a by-product of burning calories during exercise, so warm up by moving.

Layer On Some Clothing

It is true that shutting doors and remaining in one room helps to prevent loss of heat, but you should also maintain body heat by layering on some clothing. You will remain more comfortable while waiting for an emergency visit from your heating company.

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Be On The Lookout For Any Foul Odors

Heating unit failures create an uncomfortable environment. However, it can be unsafe as well. Let professionals do the fixing regardless of the lateness of the hour. The majority of HVAC companies offer emergency repair services.

While waiting for an HVAC technician to arrive at your home…

spend time checking your home for any foul odors. What you are checking for mostly is the smell of rotten eggs since this can indicate a gas leak. If this odor is present, call the fire department as well. Vacate the home to keep your family safe.


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