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How People Kept Cool Before Central Air Conditioning Systems

central air conditioningAir conditioning units are more and more important because they make sure that every office and home is habitable and comfortable throughout the hot summer months. When there is an air conditioner malfunction, most homeowners search for emergency air conditioning repairs. Many people can not bear to stay indoors without a working air conditioner.

However, can you imagine what was life like before the modern AC system? Interestingly enough, humans have been very creative throughout history to develop smart cooling solutions.

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How People Kept Cool Before Central Air Conditioning East Amwell NJ

To stay cool before central air conditioners existed, people used these strategies:

1. Life Underground Or In Caves

For many years, caves were extensively used as homes. You see, caves tend to be cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter. If you have ever had the chance to explore a cave in your life, you will have noticed that the inner temperatures were cooler. Before central AC was invented, people simply lived in caves because the temperatures are more comfortable throughout the year. Other people, instead, lived underground because, likewise, the temperature below the ground surface is also constant throughout the year.

2. Fans As A Substitute

electric fanWhile fans are certainly less effective than central air conditioning systems, fans create a cooling effect that makes an office or home more habitable. Fans are used today, mostly, to circular air in a room. They are mounted on walls, ceilings, or on the ground. The market today has many different types and designs available for consumers. They are a cheaper alternative to air conditioners, carrying a lower monthly cost to run, and a lower initial ownership cost as well.

3. Cooling By Using Damp Sheets

In the process of evaporating, water absorbs heat from the surrounding air. This is the process that creates a cooling effect in the room. Such knowledge was used in some parts of the world to cool rooms before the invention of the air conditioner. It was a very popular technology in ancient Egypt. By hanging these wet sheets in doorways, the heat in a room was used to create a cool breeze indoors.

4. Staying Comfortable By Using Shade Trees

One of the oldest tricks in the book is to relax under the shade of a tree. When the sun is strong, the trees produce a cool shade. Temperatures under this tree shade are often several degrees lower than the surrounding areas. This is the reason why most older homes feature shade trees in their backyards. If your air conditioning unit fails during the day, and you are waiting for the arrival of your HVAC contractor, consider taking a break. Sit under the shade of a tree until their arrival.

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5. Construction Made With Mud And Bricks

In several parts of the world, people used, and still use, mud and bricks as construction materials. Baked bricks and dry mud are well known to absorb a good amount of heat during the day. This property allows the home interior to stay cooler and comfortable throughout hot days. At night, these brick and mud walls release the accumulated heat inside the home. In short, these homeowners could enjoy more comfort throughout the year, during cold winter months and hot summer ones.

6. High Ceilings To Accumulate Hot Air

Modern buildings are usually built with low ceilings due to a bigger concern in reducing the energy necessary to keep them cool. Older buildings, on the other hand, feature high ceilings because this was a very effective way to keep cool. It is simple physics: the hot air will rise to the top of the ceiling, and the cool air will remain closer to the ground. This natural process kept living spaces cool, even in hot places.

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7. Cooling Effect From Thicker Walls

Another great way to maintain lower indoor temperatures is by building thicker exterior walls in a building. This reduces the building’s thermal conductivity, and as a result, it stays with lower internal temperatures.

As you could see, cooling technology has been constantly under development. Some older cooling technologies were decidedly less convenient, but they worked. Today, we can all enjoy higher home comfort with central air conditioning and other types of AC systems.


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