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3 Reasons Your Furnace Is Rusting

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Rust in your heating system doesn’t stop. It also becomes more prevalent in places that have humid climates. Unfortunately, using your furnace means temperature imbalances are created within your system. This can lead to moisture production and the build-up of rust in furnace that impacts and eventually runs over even the most dependable and well-built heating units.

You might prolong your system’s lifespan if you don’t use it. However, this isn’t plausible if you live in a cold climate. You can delay rust, but it will eventually occur whether you like it or not. Rust in furnaces is a more common issue than most homeowners think. Read on to know more about rust and its common causes.

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What Causes Rust In A Furnace?

Three of the highly likely culprits behind the development of rust in your heating unit are:

Water Leaks Or High Humidity

Humidity, or the percentage of water vapor in the air, is the first cause. Some areas experience higher humidity as it is part of their environmental factors. It can be made worse by adding more water into the air in the enclosed space of your house. Water leaks are the usual causes of this problem.

Air Conditioner Leaks

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This one is a specific kind of water leak that’s often linked directly with your heating unit. They are the water leakages from your air conditioning system. Water is a by-product of your air conditioner’s cooling cycle. Modern centralized air conditioners are usually integrated into the furnace ductwork. As a result, leaks from your air conditioner can go into your heating system. This causes a spike in the ambient humidity and creates pools of water in inconvenient places.

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Furnace Exhaust Issues

The third is a by-product of the home’s HVAC systems operations as well. When your furnace generates heat, it can also lead to an increase in the humidity in the area. The hot air that your furnace generates will cool off when it leaves the burner, creating moisture inside the system.

What Are The Risks Of Rusty Furnaces?

All furnaces will eventually become rusty. It could take a hundred years, but rust will still win. Fortunately, you can do a few things to ensure that the day it happens is far into the future instead of anytime soon. An essential thing you can do is to watch your furnace carefully.

Annual Furnace Maintenance

image of an hvac contractor performing annual furnace maintenance

Yearly furnace inspection and tune-ups are an essential part of your rust strategy. It is an affordable service that’s more cost-effective than getting a replacement for your entire system. Annual maintenance includes a professional HVAC contractor checking the unit for rust to ensure optimal furnace safety and performance.

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Clogged Burner Jets

Rust will eventually reduce your heating system’s performance. It can clog the burner jets, meaning it will operate less efficiently and use more fuel to deliver the same amount of heat. The worst-case scenario is the carbon monoxide gas will spike to dangerous levels.

Furnace Fuel Supply Lines

The fuel supply lines can fail because of rust. This can be dangerous as it can lead to a fire or explosion in your home. This is where rust becomes a threat to our homes and offices. You might have seen videos of homes or offices being reduced to a smoldering pile of wreckage. More than a reddish-brown eyesore, rust can be a real hazard to your family. By the time you notice that the unit’s exterior is rusty, its interior might already be completely rundown with rust.

Repair Furnace Issues Promptly

image of act now when concerning furnace repairAside from ensuring that annual checkups are done, you should also have any issues fixed quickly and efficiently. Getting it inspected at least once a year will help you determine what causes rust to build in your system. This way, you can remove or amend these conditions as soon as possible. Once this is remedied, all faulty components should be repaired as well.
Unfortunately, not all systems can be saved. While it can be possible in some cases, the cost to have them operating back to maximum efficiency might not be worth it. An older system’s maximum efficiency is still significantly lower than that of a new system running at less than its peak. Consult a professional to help you with any furnace issues.

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HVAC technicians know that every household is different. They can help you understand cost-benefit ratios so you can select the most suitable one that’s perfect for your needs. An essential thing to remember is that keeping the rust at a minimum means they have more options to choose from. A furnace riddled with rust can limit the options available in that a full system replacement might be the only option because of safety concerns.

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