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How A New Air Conditioner Can Save You Money In The Long Run

AC installationOne of the best ways to save money on your home cooling costs is to buy a new air conditioner when yours is old and outdated. If you are experiencing frequent malfunctions, then you also need constant AC repairs. These repairs come at a cost. Although they might not seem high at first, the accumulated charge for repairs will undoubtedly put a dent in your budget.

Not only that, if you are also receiving high energy bills at the end of each month, then this is another sign for you to consider. These are the signs that indicate the need to purchase a new AC. Buying a new A/C will cost you initially. However, it will soon pay for itself with the amount of savings you will make at the end of each month.

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Air Conditioner Installation Edison NJ: How A New Unit Saves Money

Holding on to your old A/C unit might be doing you more harm than good. Spending money on repairs and high utility bills certainly add up. Below is a list of reasons why it is time to purchase a new AC and replace your old one.

Energy Efficiency

energy-efficiencySEER rating stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. It is calculated by the cooling output divided by the total electric input in a cooling season. An air conditioner that has a high SEER rating means that it is more energy efficient. Fifteen years ago, the standard SEER rating was just 8; whereas the highest SEER rating was only 18. Nowadays, the standard rating is 13. The most efficient AC has a SEER rating of 21 or higher.

Therefore, if your AC is fifteen years old, then it is hardly as efficient as modern models. It means that you are using more energy and paying more money on your energy costs than necessary. For instance, your old AC has a SEER rating of 9, and you replace it with a newer A/C with a SEER rating of 13. You will save $450 a year in energy bills. Also, it is important to note that as air conditioners age, they become less efficient. For this reason, even if your AC has a SEER rating of 9, it is probably performing less efficiently than its original SEER rating.

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Fewer Repairs

Aside from saving on energy utility bills, purchasing a new AC also keeps you from the accumulated costs that come with frequent repairs. Even with routine maintenance, older units still require more care than new ones.

Old ACs are more prone to wear and tear. Not only that, but they are more likely to malfunction in the middle of the summer when you need it the most. An emergency repair costs more than preventative maintenance. Although a tune-up is performed regularly, an old AC is still more susceptible to malfunctions because of its age. By purchasing a new AC, you are assured that your system will run smoothly and more efficiently than your old one.

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Better Indoor Air Quality

A new air conditioner provides excellent air quality for your home. The components of modern ACs are better equipped at trapping contaminants. These contaminants cause harm to you and your family. For example, you might suffer respiratory illnesses or skin irritations. These contaminants can also damage your electronic equipment since debris shortens the lifespan of your electronics.

Overall, a new AC can prevent you from losing money on health care costs and days missed from work. It can also help to preserve the lifespan of other electronic equipment in your home.

Technologically-Advanced Thermostat

thermostatModern ACs are compatible with technologically-advanced thermostats. Aside from having a savvier design and setup, this type of thermostat provides better temperature control and enables you to use less energy. Therefore, they are great devices to reduce your energy costs.

A technologically-advanced thermostat has pre-programmed settings. These settings will help you control the temperature in your home. This way, your AC will raise the temperature while you are away and lower it when you get home. It helps your cooling system to perform more energy-efficiently. In turn, your home is more cost-effective.

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Improved Humidity Control

Before the cooling process begins, your A/C dehumidifies your home. Unfortunately, this function tends to malfunction as your system ages. Your home ends up feeling damp and humid. Without this dehumidifying function, your home will eventually attract condensation. The worst part is that this dampness leads to the growth of mold and bacteria. Mold can damage your walls and ceilings. Mold and bacteria can also cause severe illnesses to you and your family. A central air conditioner installation prevents all these problems from happening.

Rebates And Incentives

The government recognizes the many benefits that new ACs bring. They also want more households to be more energy-efficient. Therefore, the government offers different rebates and incentives when you purchase a new energy efficient cooling system. The more energy-efficient homes that there are, the less strain that is placed on the power plants during the cooling season.

Rebates and incentives differ from every geographical location. Contact your trusted HVAC technician to know which incentive is in place in your locality.


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