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Helpful HVAC Pest Control Tips For Homeowners

image of pest control with HVAC maintenance Raritan NJPests are a common problem in many households. Even when exterminated or repelled, they virtually always seem to find their way back into your dwelling. Along with causing problems in living areas, many pests can also create a broad range of negative issues by infesting HVAC systems. For instance, they may begin living and breeding inside the home, leaving shells, fur, carcasses, and wings in air ducts and vents.

This significantly lowers air quality and potentially activates allergies if any residents of the home have asthma or similar respiratory disorders. Additionally, the odor produced by rodent waste is particularly unpleasant. When large numbers of mice or rats have found their way into the house, the smell is unbearable. Debris and droppings also clog air filters and reduce the efficiency of HVAC systems. Termites and raccoons are pests that can actually damage the structural integrity of your home, while wasps pose serious threats to your family’s safety. For this reason, it is important to have a pest proof HVAC system.

How Pests Invade HVAC Systems

Substandard HVAC system maintenance is the primary culprit when infestations occur in the unit’s air supply system. By evaluating cooling and heating systems, property owners can quickly identify problem areas and discover where insects and rodents may be entering the HVAC system. When such an inspection is completed, proactive measures can be taken to prevent infestations.

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Steps To Pest-Proof An HVAC System

Sealing Air Ducts

Cracks and gaps in the ductwork of your home are a primary entry point for a broad range of pests. Degradation of the air duct material is the main way such gaps are formed. Along with giving pests a way to get into the system, such gaps also lower the HVAC unit’s efficiency. This means that cooled or heated air can easily escape during extreme temperatures. Depending on the size of the gap, hole, or crack, mastic sealant or foil tape can be used to close off these points of entry.

External Air Vent Screen Installation

Air vents on the home’s exterior walls are the most vulnerable areas of the system, and may allow pests of all types to enter the dwelling. These vents are necessary, but unfortunately they also give pests a direct portal of entry into the HVAC system. The ideal solution is to install aluminum wire mesh over the external vent to keep such creatures outside the home. Such mesh has tiny holes through which most pests cannot enter. Flue covers are important as well, as they will prevent unwanted birds and insects from getting into the heating system.


Regular HVAC System Cleaning And Maintenance

Pests typically do not seek out well-ventilated, clean environments. For this reason, you should take the appropriate steps to keep your HVAC system clean and well-maintained. Regular service of your unit will ensure that clogged air filters are regularly replaced and air ducts are clean and operating in an efficient manner. This not only keeps pests from taking up residence in the system, but also improves the system’s performance and efficiency.

Schedule Regular Pest Control Treatments

Finally, implement preventative measures by hiring a pest control company to eradicate infestations. This is because even when all the aforementioned strategies are put in place, pests may still find creative ways to enter your home. This is why quarterly pest control services must be added to your itinerary. Such services go a long way toward maintaining a pest free home environment and a properly functioning HVAC system. In addition, be sure to schedule heater and air conditioner tune-ups. This will further make your HVAC system more efficient and effective while keeping pests away.

HVAC Maintenance Raritan NJ

By simply maintaining your heater or air conditioner, you can help prevent pests from entering into your home. Be sure to contact a reputable HVAC company to schedule an annual heating or cooling system tune-up.

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