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How Your HVAC System Can Reduce Your Springtime Allergies

air conditioner replacementIt’s safe to say that one of the most beautiful times of the year is spring. What a great relief from the cold winter. With the flowers blooming, you can start enjoying the warmth of the sunshine.

Unfortunately, spring comes with various allergens, making this a challenging season for millions of sufferers, thanks to pollen, dander, and the like. For this reason, HVAC maintenance cannot be ignored, especially for those whose family members suffer from allergies in the springtime. Read on below to understand how HVAC maintenance can help you with the discomforts brought on by spring allergies.

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HVAC Maintenance Flemington NJ: Allergies And HVAC Systems

Allergies during spring come on when one breathes air containing allergens. HVAC systems push the outdoor air indoors. So, whatever air you breathe inside your home is passing through the system.

When you neglect proper HVAC maintenance, various allergens will pass through your HVAC system. As such, the system will further spread those allergens throughout your home. This situation is an excellent example of why people with allergies find their conditions worsening when they first turn on the AC. As the allergens and pollen have collected within the system, they are then blown around inside the home once you initially turn on the AC.

Get Zero Allergies This Spring With These HVAC Maintenance Tips

Say goodbye to spring allergies by ensuring the HVAC system is in its best shape. Follow these instructions:

Spring Installation Of HEPA Filters

indoor air quality and hvac filterAlthough your cooling and heating systems have filters, these standard filters are only designed to catch larger particles and debris. That leaves tiny particles, like mold and pollen, free to roam freely in the home. However, when you replace these filters with HEPA filters, this changes everything.

These exceptional filters can trap small particles, from dust to smoke to mold spores and pollen. Beyond that, ensure that you opt for HEPA filter with a minimum of 10 MERV rating, which would ensure the indoor air of your home is free from these tiny airborne allergens. Even better, talk to a reputable HVAC technician who can help you choose the best filter for your system.

Replace The HVAC System Filters Regularly

One way to clean your indoor air is by installing the ideal filter. However, it’s also imperative to replace the HEPA filters when they are dirty. As this particular filter can trap even the smallest particles, a monthly inspection is necessary, especially those who live in areas with high pollen. If the filter is dirty, be sure to replace it with a new one. Keep your filters clean to ensure air filtration efficiency and to prevent overheating of the air conditioner.

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Clean Ducts As Necessary To Improve Indoor Air Quality

HVAC ducts can easily collect dust mites, dirt, pollen, and mold spores. The minute you turn on your air conditioner, it blows these allergens in and around the home. Therefore, it is vital to maintain ducts by cleaning them regularly and ensuring they are spotless. A local, trusted HVAC maintenance crew can inspect your ducts for various type of debris and ensure the removal thereof. They will also patch up any holes or tears in the ducts which contribute to poor performance and poor indoor air quality.

Preventative HVAC Inspections & Maintenance Is Vital

heating and cooling maintenanceWhen an HVAC system is maintained correctly, it can prolong its lifespan. If one part of it is not performing at par, it can strain other elements in the system. This issue leads to more wear and tear, causing it to perform poorly.

With preventative maintenance involving cleaning different elements of the system, you can keep moisture out of ducts, thereby ensuring the prevention of mold growth.

If your HVAC system is in poor shape, then it won’t be able to prevent allergens from entering your home. However, with the right maintenance, allergy-causing contaminants can be kept outdoors where they belong.

You don’t have to step outside necessarily to suffer from spring allergies. However, it’s crucial that your indoor air is clean and free of allergens. Contact your Skylands Energy Service, your local HVAC service provider now.

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