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Keep Your Home Comfortable With Proper HVAC Maintenance

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Important End Of Winter HVAC Maintenance Tasks

It is always a good idea to schedule a spring tuneup for your HVAC system when winter comes to an end.

A tune-up ensures your system can meet your air-conditioning needs during the spring and summer. It also guarantees it will run efficiently throughout the remainder of the year. In this article, you will find some of the essential HVAC maintenance tips to follow this spring.

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Air Filter Replacement

replace HVAC filterIf you have central heating and cooling in your home that is a forced air system, then both systems use the same type of air filter. This is why it is important to replace the air filter in the spring. However, check the filter on a monthly basis and replace it anytime it appears dirty. More frequent filter changes are necessary if you have furry pets or live in or near a construction zone.

Frequent air filter changes result in several benefits. For example, such action improves the quality of your indoor air and, subsequently, protects you and other residents of the home from the associated health risks with bad indoor air quality. These issues include asthma, allergies, and other respiratory disorders. It also ensures your HVAC system runs efficiently and does not break down. Systems that often operate with dirty filters have the tendency to break down and require frequent repairs. Finally, changing the filter will ensure that your energy costs are kept as low as possible, as a more efficient system uses less energy.

Change Thermostat Settings

The Department of Energy reports that cooling and heating costs can be lowered by as much as 10%,  merely by setting your thermostat 10° lower during winter and 10° higher in the summer. It is best to do this for a minimum of eight hours. Maintaining the smallest temperature difference possible between the outside temperature and your indoor temperature is the best way to cut heating and cooling costs. Even if you cannot tolerate a 10° differential, adjust it as much as possible to cut your energy costs.

Additionally, always check the battery in the thermostat to ensure it is in proper working condition. If the battery is dead or getting low, the thermostat and your HVAC unit will not run properly.

Cleaning And Inspecting Air Ducts

forced air heating and cooling systemIf you are like most homeowners…

your home is essentially closed up during winter. This circumstance allows your air ducts to catch a broad range of dirt and debris, which eventually accumulates.

This is a perfect example of when you should hire an experienced HVAC technician to clean and inspect the air ducts when spring arrives. When you do so, airborne contaminant levels will decrease, thus improving indoor air quality. It also simultaneously ensures your ducts are in proper working condition so that they can send conditioned air to the appropriate places in your home.

Spring is also a good time to have an HVAC professional check supply and return vents. Ask them to do a professional cleaning. A reputable HVAC technician will clean the coils and fins in the condenser as well. However, it is important to ensure that only a trustworthy company is hired to perform these tasks.

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Inspect Your HVAC Registers For Obstructions

inspecting air ventsMany HVAC systems have supply and return registers. You should make sure that these registers are open and unobstructed by going from room to room and inspecting them for dust and debris. You can use a vacuum or duster to unclog any register that appears dirty. This will allow air to freely flow through the registers. Also, make sure that curtains or furniture are not obstructing any air vents.

When you remove these obstructions, your air conditioner or heater does not have to work as much to maintain the comfort level in your home. A suitable amount of airflow ensures that less strain is placed on the unit and less energy is used. Your heating and cooling costs are lower if your home uses less energy. Also, an additional benefit is that your home will feel much more comfortable and your system will last longer.

HVAC Maintenance

At the end of winter, you should be sure to schedule a spring tune-up for your HVAC system. This ensures that your AC system is ready to handle your needs during the spring and summer. In addition, it helps keep your energy costs as low as possible. Even more importantly, the tune-up prevents premature wear and tear on your HVAC system. It is imperative to hire only an experienced HVAC company near me. For maintenance, they should use a thorough HVAC maintenance checklist and they should employ experienced, reputable technicians.

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