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Why A Standby Generators Are A Smart Investment For Raritan NJ Homes

power outageAs spring arrives in Raritan NJ, it often becomes necessary to have whole house generators available. This area, with all its outlying communities, is well acquainted with power outages. Sometimes these blackouts extend for several days because of severe weather conditions. A great way to prevent the issues and stress that come with these types of situations is to invest in a standby generator. Skylands Energy specializes in whole house generators. We can repair, install and maintain these systems.

Skylands Energy also offers a full range of home comfort services.

Our services cover fuel delivery, plumbing services, as well as HVAC services. You can rely on us for heating or air conditioning tune-ups, repairs or replacements and when you need the installation of a home generator. We can take care of all that for you. Don’t forget to call our office to make an appointment. We offer second opinions and free in-home estimates.

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Are You Thinking Of A Standby Generator For Your Home This Spring?

benefits of a generator for your homeElectricity has become an extreme necessity for most people because we rely on it for our energy requirements.

It powers the majority of our home appliances, and during power outages, these devices are rendered useless. You will never regret investing in a whole home standby generator. Many homeowners, living in areas where power outages can last longer than just a few hours, have become dependent upon their backup generator. They appreciate the benefits they derive from them.

Interruptions to power can frequently occur in areas susceptible to severe weather. You can reduce the distress associated with blackouts and other conditions that come with the lack of electricity. Springtime is the perfect opportunity for homeowners to begin considering what a high-quality standby generator can do for you. It is capable of powering everything you do in your home for several days. This article intends to discuss a few perks that homeowners can receive when investing in a whole house generator.

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Minimize Damage

Long power outage intervals can cause significant losses for homeowners.

First, without a power source, refrigeration is lost. When your refrigerator isn’t working, your food will spoil. You should be able to understand the impact of having no refrigeration if you are someone who stocks up on groceries for many days at a time.

Food spoilage accounts for hundreds of dollars in waste. Furthermore, when it takes several days for the power to come back on, you won’t be able to eat your food leftovers either.

The home is exposed to other risks when power fails during winter. For one thing, lack of heat causes frozen plumbing pipes. Frozen pipes will crack or burst. Leaks that come from a burst water pipe can cause further damage. Burst pipes can flood basements. They cause mold and property damage. Without power, sump pumps will not work. Flooding issues cost an outrageous amount of money to fix. Homeowners can avoid such losses and expenses with a standby generator that acts as a backup during power outages.

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Safety Guaranteed

generac whole house generatorsSecurity systems use battery backups that keep them working when main power supplies go out. Nevertheless, some of these batteries will only last a few hours during power outages, leaving your home vulnerable. Your home becomes an easy target when it gets dark. With a whole house generator, you can remain protected from instances of burglary and looting because your security system will continue monitoring even during lengthy blackouts.

During natural disasters, such as storms, power surges, and voltage fluctuations occur. They are dangerous. Electrical fires and electrocution can occur. With the use of a standby generator, homeowners can remain at peace knowing that the safety of their family is secure.

Maintain Basic Comfort

When you have a backup generator that kicks into action immediately when a power outage occurs, the entire household can maintain an acceptable level of luxurious comfort.

Even though a winter storm might cut off utility power, that does not mean you cannot continue watching your favorite television shows. You can still go online or listen to the radio. Individuals working from home certainly appreciate having the kind of security of knowing they can still access the internet. Even the cooling and heating systems continue working as required. That means not need to suffer through hot summer days or cold winter nights if the electricity services are out for several days.


Standby Generators Raritan NJ

Costs associated with power outages include replacing damaged pipes and appliances, hotel/motel accommodations, lost income and others problematic circumstances. With a standby generator for your home, you will never have to suffer from such added expenses. A standby generator will maintain household comfort levels and prevent damages. With financing options available on Generac generators, most homeowners can afford one of their own.

If you would like to know “How big of a generator do I need?”, because you are thinking about installing one yourself, contact Skylands Energy instead to speak with one of our professionals. Installing a whole house generator is not something you should do for yourself. So, it is vital to have an experienced professional do that for you. Our trustworthy professional installers know what it takes to install your system so that it meets your power requirements. Call today to schedule your appointment for a free estimate. We offer the most affordable standby generator installation cost. Our home comfort specialists will be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with recommendations to find the best standby generator.

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At Skylands Energy, we promote Generac standby generators. We find that these backup generators are more reliable than any other brand. Additionally, home generators reviews will also back up the fact that Generac generators are a long-lasting, trusted name in the standby generator industry. To get started, give us a call today for an initial consultation. We can discuss which standby generator sizing is best for your energy needs.

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