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Guide To Diagnosing Problematic HVAC Ductwork

hvac ductsThe HVAC ductwork in your house is what circulates the air throughout your home. In order for this to function correctly, your duct system must be in top condition.

Multiple issues that happen over the course of time can bring damage to your ductwork. Things such as poor airflow, air leaks, and inadequate efficiency do happen to most systems. Additional factors that can create problems include debris buildup, corrosion, and mechanical issues.

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How To Know When You Need An HVAC Ductwork Replacement Madison NJ

The best way to avoid common issues with a duct system is to hire a reliable and professional company to inspect and take care of your HVAC system. An expert company will complete any required repairs and replace ducts when necessary.

The following are the most common signs that your system will need to be replaced:

Your Ductwork System Is Too Old

With general usage, the typical life of a heating and cooling system is up to 15 years. If your ductwork is near this age, it is best to have a trained HVAC system expert to examine your system. Only a professional can diagnose gaps in ducts or collapsed sections correctly.

You Have Tangled Or Damaged Ducts

forced air heating and cooling systemEvery system will get worn down and likely have damage during its useful life. A great way to keep the HVAC functioning at its best is to hire a qualified HVAC contractor that can inspect for tangled ducts, sagging or tangling. If ducts are damaged, these should be replaced without delay.

Static Pressure And Airflow Issues With HVAC

A good way to tell if you are having an airflow issue with your heating and cooling system is to check for static pressure or airflow problems. A ductwork system that is not sized correctly for your house will likely be the cause of these problems.

The best way to solve such problems is to have an experienced HVAC contractor to review the system and change the ducts to the correct size. Both the return and supply portions of the ductwork can be changed as well as a new filter.

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Noise Problems With Existing Ducts

A dirty or semi-functional system will usually produce a range of noises. Most people report hearing banging or rattling noises, and this usually means that something is loose. A good way to tell if there is an air leak is that a whistling sound can be heard. Strange noises that are not part of the regular HVAC functionality are a clear sign that the ductwork needs to be changed.

Indoor Air Quality Suffers Due To Poor Ductwork

indoor air qualityWhen heating and cooling ducts have air gaps in them, pollen, dust and other types of allergens are not blocked by the air filter. Dirty air can easily circulate through your home and will dilute the air quality. When your system is blowing dirty air through your home, health problems such as asthma, stuffy nose or other respiratory issues are common.

Holes that are in your ducts can also spread mold to different rooms in your house. If any of your air ducts have holes, an expert HVAC installer should be called to replace the ductwork to improve indoor air quality.

Temperature Is Uneven Due To Bad Ducts

Aside from airflow issues, temperature changes can happen with a malfunctioning duct system. The temperature can be uneven, and hot and cold spots are common in different rooms. When the system is unbalanced, a variety of airflow issues can happen. Depending on the actual issue, a complete HVAC duct system replacement might be required.

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Ducts Were Never Installed Correctly

A system that is too small, not efficient enough, or that is not installed correctly will not give your home the comfort that you deserve. When ducts are not sized by a professional, many types of problems can happen. Your ductwork system could have a much shorter useful life or you could have a much higher energy bill.


Final Conclusion

The following are a few of the signs that your HVAC ductwork will need to be replaced:

  • Your system is improperly sized for your home
  • Uneven heating is noticed in your rooms
  • Your ductwork system outputs strange noises
  • Your indoor air quality is degraded
  • HVAC ducts are sagging or tangled
  • The entire duct system is too old

If you notice these signs or others, the best thing to do is call an experienced HVAC technician to come and inspect your system or replace it.

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