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What To Check When Your Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On

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Summer has been in full force for a couple of months now. We rely on our air conditioner to keep us cool and comfortable despite the scorching heat. Unfortunately, some homeowners might find that their air conditioning systems won’t switch on at some point during the cooling season. They have to deal with a hot and humid home while waiting for the HVAC contractor to come and fix their system. However, in many instances, the air conditioner won’t turn on because of a simple reason that a homeowner can repair on their own. Check the possible causes below to ensure you wouldn’t have to endure a hot and uncomfortable home during the summer.

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What To Check When Your Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On

This article includes a few troubleshooting tips you can do when you find that your air conditioner won’t turn on.

1. Air Conditioner Power Source

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An air conditioner that does not turn on can lead to feelings of anxiousness. You might not think clearly and overlook some of the vital elements that are causing the problem. One of the first things you should check is the circuit breaker. The issue could be an electrical one, so you need to locate the main electrical panel. The circuit breaker might have tripped, and you need to reset it.

You should also inspect if your air conditioner is properly connected to a power source. This might be an obvious thing, but it is neglected frequently. A loose plug could also be the reason. Check the thermostat, as well. Many times, homeowners think their air conditioner isn’t working, but it could just be the thermostat. Make sure that it is plugged into power correctly and that it has the right settings.

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2. Be Familiar with Your AC Unit & Its Switches

Being familiar with your air conditioning unit can help you troubleshoot common problems it might have. Understanding your system includes practicing effective HVAC maintenance to help prolong your air conditioning unit’s lifespan.

It is also recommended that you learn the basic components of your system. For instance, many homeowners are unfamiliar with the on and off switches. There could be instances wherein the indoor air handler’s power switch is turned off, so you need to turn it back on. The outside unit also has an emergency shut-off switch that someone in your household could’ve accidentally turned off.

3. Check Your HVAC Air Filter

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The air conditioner air filters should be replaced every 60 to 90 days. Depending on your area or the number of pets you have, you might need to replace the air filter more often. This is an essential HVAC maintenance task that will help ensure a highly efficient air conditioner. After all, filters trap dust and debris so that they do not get into your unit and cause problems. However, bear in mind that the filters get clogged as time passes, and this can cause problems.

A clogged filter causes the air conditioner to consume more power since the unit struggles to reach the set temperature. As a result, you will have a significant increase in your energy bills. If the clogged filters are not addressed immediately, it can even cause your air conditioner to stop operating altogether.

Keep a record of the dates when you replace your filters. Some homeowners write the date on the filter. Then, they set a reminder on their calendar so that they know when to check the filters. Changing it before it gets clogged can help extend your cooling system’s service life.

Don’t let your system consume more energy than required. This can force your air conditioner to use excess energy that results in a permanent breakdown. Keep in mind that replacing the entire air conditioner is a costlier endeavor than changing the filters regularly. Therefore, don’t neglect your system’s air filter replacement.

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4. Check The Drain Pan & Lines

Ask a professional HVAC contractor about how to check the air conditioner drain pan. This is because a full drain pan will activate a float switch and stop the unit from turning on. During normal air conditioner operation, it creates a condensation that is eliminated from your home via a drain line. This line can get blocked and cause the system to turn off.

Make sure to empty the drain pan and remove what is blocking the drain line. Doing these typically solves the problem. However, call an expert technician if you are having difficulties unclogging the drain line.

5. Check Your Evaporator Coils

dirt on air conditioner coils

The evaporator coils should be kept clean at all times. This will help in extending your HVAC system’s lifespan. This maintenance task is as crucial as regular filter replacement. It will help decrease the risk of damage to your system. If your air conditioner isn’t switching on, the evaporator coils could be dirty. Keep tabs on when you had the coils cleaned last. Remember that it needs to be cleaned yearly for proper maintenance.

Consult with a reliable HVAC repair company to know how to clean the coils correctly. Ensure that your system receives annual tune-ups as well. You do not want your system experiencing any problems during the peak of summer. Therefore, it is important to have your air conditioner inspected, maintained, and cleaned regularly by a licensed HVAC contractor.

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Last Words

An air conditioner that doesn’t turn on can be because of a simple electrical problem. It could be a tripped circuit breaker, an AC that is not connected to a power source, or a loose plug. These can be fixed easily. Other easily repaired problems include a clogged drain line and a full drain pan. Empty the pan and unclog the lines.

However, if the problem is more than basic, call your local, trusted HVAC technician. Make sure that your system is maintained at least once a year as well.

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