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Common Oil Furnace Issues You May Encounter This Winter

furnace technicianWhile many home heating systems around the country are powered by natural gas, there is still a large number of homes that are heated by an oil furnace. An oil-burning furnace can simply be looked at as a blowtorch that burns fuel oil in a fireproof box. In the adjacent box, heat from the firebox is used to heat air. A powerful blower pumps air in and out of the adjacent box. It uses a network of air ducts to supply the heated air to different parts of the house.

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Oil Furnace Repair Branchburg NJ: Common Oil Furnace Issues You May Encounter

In an oil-powered heating system, there must be a fuel tank installed outdoors. Many are above-ground or underground. Whatever the configuration, the system must have a fuel pump to deliver fuel oil to the burner at high pressure. An oil filter will ensure that no debris gets to the burner. Electronic ignition is typically used to provide the spark needed to ignite the pressurized fuel oil.

Over time, heating systems can develop different types of problems. Hence, why it requires regular maintenance. When regularly maintained, heating systems perform optimally. However, like all machinery, from time to time, all heating equipment will malfunction for one reason or another. Below is a list of some common oil furnace issues you may encounter at home:

Heating Failure: Thermostat & Air Filter

thermostatThere are many reasons why a furnace may fail to turn on when needed. The first reason could be a faulty thermostat that fails to prompt the transformer to ignite the furnace. Another possible cause is a defective ignition transformer. A clogged air filter, damaged fuel pump, clogged fuel lines, and lack of fuel oil in the tank are some of the possible causes of heating failure. Whatever the issue your furnace may have developed, it is always recommended you hire a competent HVAC contractor to carry out repairs.

It is always recommended you fill up your oil tank before the cold season to ensure you have an ample supply of fuel oil keep you warm throughout the cold season. In addition to that, you need to replace your oil filters and have the entire heating system serviced regularly to avoid problems.

Unusual Noises & Sounds Coming From Your Heating System

Your furnace may produce all manner of noises, which can be an indicator of severe problems in the system. For instance, grinding noises may indicate that there is a problem with motor bearings, so the unit needs to be shut down immediately for safety reasons. High-pitched sounds, such as squealing or screeching, on the other hand, may be an indication of problems with the blower motor or one of the belts.

  • Whistling Sound From Your Heating System: If your furnace produces a whistling sound, your air filter may be clogged. Dust and other types of debris might have blocked the air filter, which means that heated air has to be forced through a smaller area across the filter, thereby producing the whistling sound. To resolve this issue, you only need to clean the air filter or have it replaced. Any important HVAC tasks, such as repairs, should only be done by a professional.
  • Rumbling Sound: A burner is normally used to ignite the fuel oil in the burner. If the pilot light has been poorly set, or dirt has accumulated around the burner, a rumbling sound may be produced by the system. To fix the problem, simply press the reset button to resolve the issue. However, you should call a reliable HVAC contractor to fix your furnace if the burner is dirty.

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Poor Heating Performance And Uneven Temperatures

One of the most common home heating problems is uneven temperatures around the house and inadequate heating. If your rooms are cold, but the furnace is running normally, the problem could be obstructed air ducts. If there is a lot of debris obstructing your ducts, your home will not be properly heated. Duct cleaning can help to resolve this issue.

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