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Fixing Hot And Cold Spots In Your Home

temperature issues during the winterThe ideal for every homeowner is to have a house with a nice even temperature throughout it.

However, that is not always the case. Most homeowners have areas of the home that are warmer and cooler than the rest of the house. This problem can lead to comfort issues for household members. For example, one bedroom may feel sweltering hot while, across the house, another room feels ice cold.

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Branchburg Furnace Repair: Best Ways To Prevent Hot & Cold Spots In Your Home

During winter, many homeowners complain about the upstairs feeling overwhelmingly hot and the downstairs feeling significantly cooler. These hot and cold spots can be a feature of any home, but they can usually be detected and dealt with easily enough.

Why Homes Have Hot And Cold Spots

broken heating systemThese are not necessarily bad things to have in a home, especially as they may be part of the actual design. Some rooms may have been designed to capture more sunlight while others were intended to have a little more shade, such as storerooms. There may also be flaws in the construction, such as inadequate insulation in walls or around windows. Ductwork that was designed or implemented poorly can also be a part of the problem as well, especially as it can create flow problems with the HVAC system. Keep in mind that you want to deal with these issues before it becomes a more severe issue.

How Temperature Issues Can Be Eliminated

First, identify the different hot and cold spots. Second, look for any of a wide range of potential problems. There is no question that hot and cold spots can be frustrating, especially if they make some rooms of the home too uncomfortable to work or spend time in. There are some things you can check to determine if outside help is necessary.

What Homeowners Can Do To Help Resolve Temperature Issues

  • Check the vents for possible blockage: Something as simple as a piece of furniture blocking a vent can cause problems: With something in the way, the vent may not be able to deliver air to the room. Also, check the vents for dust and any other type of debris or blockage.
  • Try to determine if there are any drafts: An obvious sign that you may have a draft is if the room is much colder than the rest of the house. Check all around doors and windows in the room to see if the seals have been broken. DIY insulation kits may be the best solution; they are extremely cost-effective and easy to install. The insulation is also easy to uninstall and then reinstall the next winter. You can also put something on the floor if the draft is coming from under the door to keep out the cold air.
  • Inspect your insulation: Insulation is made to either keep the outside temperatures from coming inside and inside air from escaping outside. Older homes may have insufficient insulation or some of it may need to be replaced. It may take an expert to determine if the insulation is failing or inadequate to complete its intended task. Either they, you can deal with the problem as needed.

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What An HVAC Professional Can Do To Help You

HVAC technician

  • Cleaning ducts: Dirty air ducts can also be a cause of hot and cold spots. If the ducts are not free of dust, dirt, and other forms of debris, the air will not be able to circulate freely. Thus, your heating system will not be able to heat your house all that effectively. Cleaning the ducts every two to five years is sufficient to keep the ducts cleans. Keep in mind that if you have pets, especially furry ones, or live in a dusty area, then you may want to do more frequently.
  • Need to install multi-zone heating: Multi-zone heating implies that each area or zone in your home has its own thermostat. A multi-zone system allows for maximum control over the temperature in the house. You may find it more cost-efficient to establish different temperature zones in your home, such as keeping little-used rooms colder than the rest of the home during the winter. It can also be used to compensate for flaws in ductwork and insulation.
  • Keep the furnace properly maintained: You should schedule your furnace for a maintenance check before every season. If any issues could create hot and cold spots, then the technician should be able to spot and repair them well before the weather changes. Furthermore, proper maintenance also helps reduce energy costs and increase comfort.

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