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Is Your Home Furnace Too Big?

HVAC serviceA bigger furnace in your home is not necessarily the best choice. Oversized furnaces can wreak havoc on your entire HVAC system, indoor air quality, and budget. When you are trying to increase the quality of your system, the last thing you need is for your “better” to be worse.

If your furnace is too large for your HVAC system to accommodate, the entire system will begin to have problems. Not only is this a problem for your health and heating, but it may also eventually end up costing more than you counted on paying. Your heating system will not last as long as it is expected to. Your home comfort will suffer and you will have issues with your indoor air quality. Furthermore, it is expensive to operate a furnace that is too large. Your monthly energy costs will increase. Also, a system that is too large will require more repairs than one that is properly sized.

Unfortunately, many homeowners, all too often, make the mistake of buying a furnace that is too large.

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Top Signs That Your Furnace Is Not Sized Correctly

So how can you tell if your furnace is too big? Following are possible signs that the fit is not right.

Overly Complicated Furnace Installation

An oversized furnace causes real problems with installation. When the furnace you buy for your home is oversized, it will be necessary for extra services to be done. The heating connections will have to be readjusted or moved. This will cost you more in labor and equipment. It is also possible that the ductwork in your home will not coordinate with the size of your furnace. This requires modifications or replacement of your ductwork as well.

An Oversized Furnace & Indoor Air Quality

Inconsistency in the humidity throughout your home will make you less comfortable. When the humidity is too high, it causes damage to your system and your home. It may even compromise your health. High humidity causes the growth of mold throughout your home. Mold may appear on ceilings and walls. It causes trouble with your respiratory health. Two signs of mold include congestion of the nasal passages and the triggering of asthma. This is caused by mold allergens flowing throughout your home.

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An Oversized Furnace Causes Your System To Short Cycle

natural gas furnaceWhen you have a heating system that is too large, your thermostat will read a higher temperature. Consequently, your furnace will turn off too soon to heat the rest of your house. This dilemma is referred to as short cycling.

When this process is repeated on a regular basis, the system begins to wear out and will require extra repair services. Your furnace will require replacement much sooner than it would if it were correctly sized. Short cycling will also increase your home heating costs.

Oversized Furnace & Temperature Imbalances

The areas that are close to the furnace will heat up quickly and the areas farther away will stay cooler. When you notice this difference in temperature from one room to another, the problem is probably caused by the overly large size of your furnace.

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Unnecessary High Heating & Operational Costs

HVAC costsShort cycling heating systems require extra energy. With an oversized system, your heating costs will reflect the poor performance. Your heating bill will be high until you have your furnace replaced by a knowledgeable HVAC technician.

Oversized Furnaces Are Too Loud & Noisy

The furnace’s large size is not the only reason for a loud system, but it can be a major one. The noise is not only an annoyance but also a symptom of a real problem.

A High-Efficiency Rating Is Inconsistent With System Performance

If your furnace is the wrong size, it cannot reach the high-efficiency performance you would expect it to. For example, if your furnace is too large and it has a high AFUE and BTU rating, it will not perform as efficiently as it is capable of. Instead, if you install a furnace that is sized correctly, then it will perform in accordance with its AFUE and BTU ratings.



Many issues come with installing a furnace that is simply too large. When it comes to HVAC installations, it is vital for you to install a system that is sized correctly for your home. A system that is large comes with high heating costs, poor indoor air quality, premature replacement, and more. It is crucial to call a professional HVAC company to perform a Manual J calculation before installation takes place. If you already have an oversized furnace, then call a professional and reputable HVAC tech. They will recognize these problems and recommend a heater that fits your home.

The NATE certified and experienced technicians at Skylands Energy can provide you with excellent home comfort services. When working with us, you can expect professionalism, quality, and affordability.

Nobody wants to deal with constant heating problems and the higher energy costs that go along with them. Your home and family should have a healthy heating system that lasts for years to come. Skylands Energy can assist you with expert, high-quality maintenance, installations, and repairs.

If you need a new HVAC system installed or are experiencing problems with your current system, call Skylands Energy today. Our company will give you a free, in-home estimate of the needed services. You can always count on us to provide you with quality, affordable service. Call now!

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