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How To Get Cleaner Air In Your Home This Winter

homeowner improving their indoor air quality in raritan new jerseyOften, during the summertime, many people do not think too much about about the quality of air that circulates throughout their home. It is easy to vent a home through open windows when it is warm out. However, fresh air tends to disappear during the colder months. This is because windows are usually closed since the outside temperature is much lower. It is during this time that homeowners primarily focus on keeping their home at a comfortable temperature instead of keeping their indoor air quality clean.

When it is cold outside…

lower indoor air quality begins to circulate inside of a house. The trade-off begins between being warm and higher indoor air quality standards. However, any person, using a simple series of steps, can improve such a situation. Being warm and having excellent air to breathe are both possible! This article will provide trusted techniques to improve indoor air quality in your Raritan, New Jersey home this winter.

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Keep Registers And HVAC Vents Clean

Regardless of when you cleaned the vents last, there is always dust circulating through the heating unit. It does not mean that you have a dirty home. All ducts and vents inside of your home naturally have residue buildup. However, most vacuum cleaners have a wand attachment that can reach down inside of the vent to help remove the dust with its suction power. Studies that discuss indoor air quality facts claim that by regularly cleaning each vent, you can improve your air quality indoors.

Humidifier Usage

Heated air is dry. In fact, many people turn up their heat because dry air does not feel as warm as moist air. By adding a humidifier to your home, you can help keep the air moist. It will give your home a warmer feeling. The price of these devices and the cost to run them is affordable for nearly any budget.

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Changing Out Filters

replacing air filter on heaterYou should always check your air filters…

for debris and excess dust. Replace them when they become dirty. For the best results, check the filter monthly. If you have pets or if you are doing some remodeling, change the filters more regularly.

While it is always a good idea to clean or change air filters through the entire year, it is especially essential during the winter months. The absence of fresh airflow means that the air filter will clog more easily. When you have a dirty air filter, it circulates around unclean air for you to breathe. The importance of cleaning the air filters in your heating system cannot be overstated.

Slightly Open A Window

It does help to open a window now and again to let clean air into your home. Keeping your home airtight is not the best solution for clean air. Even during the cold months, a slightly open window makes a huge difference. By adding in some fresh air, it significantly improves the air quality in your home. Only open your windows for a short period of time in order to prevent the furnace from working too hard.

Get Some Houseplants

how to reduce indoor air pollutionGreen houseplants help remove harmful carbon monoxide and benzene from the interior of your house. Therefore, adding some plants will improve the air that you are breathing.

The plants that you add will have two purposes. The first is that they look great and provide more flair to a room. The second is that the air is cleaner and it may help reduce your personal stress. Plants are generally easy to take care of regardless if you were born with a green thumb or not.


Regular Heater Maintenance And Servicing As Important

Homeowners do not always keep up with the maintenance on their heating devices. However, even during months, when a furnace is not in use, debris, dirt, allergens, and other forms of indoor air pollution sources still accumulate in the unit.

A professional tune-up helps prevent…

the premature breakdown of components. Also, it helps improve indoor air quality. When contaminants are removed, the risks associated with breathing dirty air are eliminated.

A proper inspection of your furnace means that your system will run the way that it should. There are many advantages that emerge from a heating system tune-up. You can rely on your heater when you need it to keep you warm. It will operate more effectively and efficiently, reducing home heating costs. Your home will feel much more comfortable. A tune-up prevents expensive repairs and breakdowns. It also promotes a longer lifespan. It is much more expensive to buy a new furnace than to service an older one.

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Indoor Air Quality Raritan NJ

Do not settle for dirty air inside of your home during the winter. When you work with a professional HVAC company, you receive many benefits. You will spend your time enjoying your home, breathing clean air, paying less for your energy bill, and feel peace of mind knowing that your system won’t fail on the coldest day of the year.

For all heating system services including ways to improve your indoor air quality, contact Skylands Energy. Our Nate certified contractors have the knowledge and experience to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient, all while making your indoor air healthier! Don’t suffer through the winter this year. Instead, get your system running properly with the help of Skylands Energy. Be sure to contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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