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Your Best Furnace Buying Guide

home heating solutionsThe onset of crisp, cool air during the day and night signals that winter is on its way. When this happens, the rooms inside your home should be the place of comfort and warmth. A reliable heating system is a key to staying comfortable indoors when it is cold outdoors.

The best units provide the most value for your investment. So, if your furnace is defective, it is simply not as efficient as newer models and, therefore, may need replacing.

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Furnace Replacement Edison NJ: What To Do When You  Need A New Heater

Changes in the environment may affect your current requirements. This may be true even though your old furnace was able to provide enough heat in the past. Because of this, it is vital to consult with a professional HVAC contractor to determine exactly what furnace best meets your current heating needs.

Meanwhile, you can conduct research on what types of heating options are available. Consider the variety of makes and models and their unique features. When it comes to being efficient and adding warmth to your home for the ultimate comfort, the size of a furnace makes a world of difference. There are different fuel supply types for the many varieties of heating systems as well, among other things. It is important to know which heating system characteristics match what you need because each model is different.

The Importance Of Continual Warmth To Last Through The Cold Season

Staying sufficiently warm throughout wintertime is your main goal. The appropriate heating system is the one that keeps your loved ones warm and runs reliably all winter long.

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How Furnace Efficiency Factors In

high-efficiency heaterThe Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating indicates the annual amount of usable heat.

Although 78 AFUE is standard, an AFUE rating of 95 or higher represents the most efficient heating units. You will likely pay more for a furnace with an above standard AFUE rating. Over the long run, the more efficient furnace will save you the most money compared to a lower AFUE rating unit.

The Kinds Of Heating Fuels Available

While a professional HVAC contractor can determine the best type of fuel for your new furnace, you will want to consider the kind of fuel your home currently uses.

What you have now will greatly influence your heating system options. Otherwise, you will have to consider a conversion. This type of installation is manageable but other factors would come into play. It’s best to speak with an HVAC contractor if you are planning on changing your energy source for heating.

To find a reputable heating company in your area, search for “furnace replacement near me”. When it comes to HVAC systems, do not attempt a DIY furnace installation. Also, be selective about who you work hire and do not go for the cheapest furnace installation available. You only want to work with the best as it impacts your comfort, safety, and energy costs.

Electrical Heating Systems For Heating Your Home

Furnaces solely powered by electricity are more expensive compared to other options. The cost is not so much reflected in the unit price as it is in monthly electricity usage. This is why electrical systems are not recommended as much as other options. Electric heating may be your best choice though if gas or other types of fuel heating sources are not easily accessible or available.

Furnaces: Fuel Oil & Propane

furnaceA storage tank is required for use with an oil or propane furnace. The size of your home determines the size storage tank you will need. When the storage tank gets low, you must call for a fuel delivery. However, many fuel deliveries offer automatic delivery options which places the responsibility of filling your tank on them. Homeowners that use propane or oil say that it is much easier to control heating costs because they can determine when and how much fuel to use.

Furnaces: Natural Gas For Home Heating

Natural gas furnaces typically cost more than oil furnace replacements or propane furnaces. What’s more, with a gas furnace, unlike oil or propane, you do not have to call for delivery to get more fuel. Natural gas is a favorite fuel selection for many homeowners who live in climates where there are longer winters.

Heating Systems: Manual J Load Calculation and Size

Now, think about the size of heating system you will need.

An HVAC contractor must conduct a Manual J Load Calculation in your home to find out how much heat it needs to keep you and your family warm. The calculation process involves looking at many aspects that a nonprofessional may not readily consider. These things include your home’s insulation amount, your home’s size, and other features. It also takes into account the climate in your area.

The process is very thorough to determine the size of the unit that works best for your home. If you skip this step, your home will not heat up properly if a heating system that is the wrong size is installed. The Manual J Load Calculation can help you avoid spending money on features, usage costs, and other things you do not need.

What To Expect For Your Furnace Installation Costs

heating system installationFactor in the cost to install a furnace in your overall budget before you buy. Some furnace installation companies charge by the hour and others for the service. Be sure to ask before hiring a company.

The labor of the furnace replacement price might or might not be included in the price. Once again, it is essential to ask about it before you make your final purchasing decision.

Take advantage of rebates and incentives to offset the cost of buying a new furnace. Manufacturers and utility companies give rebates on homeowners who invest in energy efficient models.

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To Conclude

Now that you have some furnace buying tips, you do not have to feel alone in making this important purchasing decision. Contact Skylands Energy for professional, courteous, and knowledgeable assistance. We have helped thousands of homeowners over the years and we are confident we can find the appropriate furnace that best meets your needs. We have performed many gas furnace replacements, oil furnace replacements, propane replacements, oil to gas conversions, and more.

Our expert installers have decades of experience. They are NATE certified with the skills to work with all makes and models of heating systems.

Relax in your warm home heated by the furnace that fits your needs and your budget. For a free estimate and friendly service, contact Skylands Energy today!

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