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Why A Bigger AC Is Not Always The Best Option

family spending time indoorsInstalling a new air conditioner is an intricate process. You have to remember that every home is unique. Therefore, an AC that works for your neighbor doesn’t necessarily mean that the same AC will work for you. Your house requires specific heating and cooling. This way, your home remains cool and comfortable during the summer, and warm and cozy during the winter.

Always hire a licensed and trusted HVAC specialist to assist you with the air conditioner installation process. Skylands Energy offers superior heating and cooling services at honest prices. Our experienced and highly-skilled technicians understand all makes and models of cooling systems. They can assess your needs and provide you with the best options available. This way, you can choose the one that best fits your needs and budget. Contact us today. We offer complimentary consultations.

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Air Conditioning Installation Edison NJ: Why A Bigger AC Is Not Always The Best Option

HVAC contractorPart of the AC installation process is determining the right-sized cooling system for your home. In this article, we will explore why this is an essential aspect of the AC installation in your home.

Air Conditioning Size

Air conditioning size doesn’t have anything to do with its weight. Instead, A/C size refers to the system’s tonnage. Tonnage, or ton, is the amount of cooling your AC is capable of delivering.

Because “cold” is not a form of energy, your AC does not generate cold air. Instead, it absorbs the heat from inside your home and releases it outdoors. Your A/C system’s cooling power is determined by the amount of heat that your system removes from the indoor air per hour.

The heat removal process is measured as British Thermal Units. BTUs is the amount of heat which can change the temperature of a pound of water by one degree. Thus, one ton of cooling power equals the removal of 12,000 BTUs from your home per hour. Every additional ton equals to another 12,000 BTUs. Therefore, a four-ton AC can remove 48,000 BTUs per hour.

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A/C That Is Too Big

consultationMany homeowners’ mindset is rooted in the notion that bigger is always better. Unfortunately, this is not always the case when it comes to buying an air conditioning unit. An AC that is too large will possibly short cycle, or turn off and on repeatedly within a short period.

Air conditioners use the most energy when it starts up. Therefore, a unit that turns on frequently will drive up your electric bills. Short cycling also tends to wear out your system quicker than a unit that is appropriately sized. When this happens, your air conditioner is likely to experience frequent malfunctions. Your cooling system also has a higher chance of a system breakdown because of these internal problems.

One of the primary functions of an AC is to dehumidify your home. An oversized AC that has short cooling cycles cannot correctly remove humidity. Your home will end up feeling cool but sticky and humid when you have a short cycling unit.

AC That Is Too Small

On the other hand, buying an A/C that is too small will lead to inadequate cooling issues. Some rooms in your home will feel warmer than others. For instance, your first floor may feel nice and cold but the bedrooms on your second floor will feel warm. Because the desired temperature is not met throughout your house, your unit works harder and longer to make up for it. Your AC will age and wear out much faster. This circumstance leads to the increased chances of an air conditioner break down. The prolonged use of your AC also leads to high energy utility bills.

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Finding The Right Size

A professional HVAC contractor will inspect your home to determine the correct AC size needed. During the home visit, the technician will take measurements of your house’s total floor space. This measurement will be used in the Manual J Load Calculation. They will assess the number of windows, the direction that your house faces, and other factors to find the right unit size.

The Manual J is a precise method used to determine your home’s heating and cooling load. The general rule of thumb many contractors use is that every 400 square feet require one ton of cooling power. However, other factors such as the number of rooms or home insulation can affect this rule. It is, therefore, best to have a professional visit your home. They can use the Manual J to assess the proper AC unit size that your home requires.

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