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Factors To Consider Before Installing Your Air Conditioning Unit

cooling seasonIt is nearly summer when temperatures rise. To avoid the discomfort of hot days (and nights), homeowners have to ensure that their air conditioners are ready for the task of cooling their home.

However, even well-maintained air conditioners will lose their efficiency, particularly with age. If you have an older home air conditioner, you might want to consider a replacement unit before the hot summer months come. An A/C unit that is already showing its age can no longer perform as well as it did, regardless of what you do to it.

At this point, you may be wondering what it would take to have a new air conditioning unit installed in your home. The time and resources it will require generally varies, depending on the factors involved.

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What You Need to Know Before An Air Conditioner Replacement Bound Brook NJ

Let’s take a look at the different factors that affect the timeframe for the replacement of an air conditioning unit.

The Size Of Your  Bound Brook Home

Before getting a new air conditioning unit, consider the size of your home. Smaller homes may only need a single A/C unit, while larger homes may require two or more, depending on the number of rooms there are. HVAC contractors typically gauge the cooling requirements of a home by using measurements of the floor area and ceiling height. They will also factor in regional climate, orientation and house positioning, landscaping, and the like. This measurement is a load calculation or a Manual J. A good HVAC contractor can help ensure that you do not pay more for either an undersized or oversized cooling system to enjoy a comfortable setting indoors.

Type Of A/C Installation You Need

air conditioner replacementIt is important to consider the type of installation you will require for your home. In general, having a unit replaced is probably easier and quicker, since there is an existing design in the home that will facilitate the change. Nothing else in the house needs to be replaced, built, or remodeled, especially the ductwork. To complete the job, HVAC technicians simply have to remove the old A/C unit and replace it with a new one – a task that can be finished in under 24 hours.

The same is not true for full HVAC system replacements, however. Replacing the heating system, cooling unit, ductwork, and other components will require more time and expense to complete. In most cases, residential clients can expect the task to be completed in 3-5 days. The cost, along with the time and process required to complete the job can be exasperating for some homeowners, but they are necessary to ensure safe, secure, and correct installation. If you have an older home, for example, the ductwork may have some damage that needs repair before installing a cooling unit. Preparing the structure of the home for the replacement will ensure maximum efficiency, good performance, and safety.

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Type Of A/C System To Be Installed

The type, model, and design of your air conditioner will also affect how long it will take to install it. If you opt for a central air conditioning system, for example, you may have to wait several days for the technicians to finish installing it. If your A/C system of choice is a ductless mini-split system, it is much quicker to install. In homes that require the installation of multiple units, technicians are likely to complete the job in one day or at most, two. Keep in mind that each home is unique and different households have different requirements. If you want to know how long an installation job will take, talk to your HVAC contractor for an estimate.

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The Location Impacts Your AC Replacement

consultationAir conditioning units should be installed in an accessible area. Heating and cooling systems, for example, are best installed in a location where there is enough space for technicians to move. Areas that are difficult to reach can only make the job more difficult. The more accessible the area of installation is, the more convenient it will be for HVAC contractors to work.

Ductwork & Other Components Needed For The New Air Conditioner

The paths for ductwork components such as the ducts and the wires will affect how fast the installation process will be. This is especially true for initial installations of HVAC systems, mainly when there is
no provision for the equipment. If your home is made of concrete, holes, and openings may even have to be drilled just to get access to the ductwork. Contrary to popular belief, finding the spots on which to drill holes can be tricky and the choice of these spots is far from random. If a technician is not careful, he can easily damage the internal structure of the home.


Why You Should Call The Professionals

Installing an air conditioning unit is not a simple matter because many considerations must come into play. It is far safer and more convenient to have skilled Skylands Energy Service’s HVAC technicians to perform the installation job. Our HVAC technicians have the training, experience, and proper set of skills to calculate and install the unit/s correctly and safely. Furthermore, our technicians also have the correct equipment and tools for the job. Our area of coverage is in Central New Jersey.

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