M.J. Neill is now part of Skylands Energy Service. As an M.J. Neill Oil customer, you will automatically receive access to all the services and benefits Skylands Energy Service offers.

If you have any questions, you can call us anytime at (908) 707-1776.

At Skylands Energy, we keep step with the past! Yes, the past.

We are guided by the values of earlier, more patient times when personal, attentive customer service and ethical business practices were commonplace. We also look to the future for inspiration on the best new products and practices.

MJ Neill Logo

M.J. Neill has been servicing customers in the Somerset Hills area for over 100 years. As we transition customers with Skylands Energy Service, we look forward to the next 100 years and we will continue to uphold M.J. Neill’s principles:

  • Offering personalized service to customers in Bernardsville and the surrounding Somerset Hills area.
  • Treating customers with love and respect
  • Doing the best we can to always put our customer’s needs before our own
  • Truly caring about our customer’s well-being

We are excited to have you experience the added benefits of Skylands Energy and M.J. Neill’s unification and look forward to many years of flawless fuel delivery and equipment service for you and your family.

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