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What To Look For In A New Oil Boiler For Your Home

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An old boiler may have provided you with reliable heating for many years. However, like all machinery, it cannot last forever. You will feel your unit’s efficiency and performance plunge at some point. Boiler repairs may not be the most practical resolution anymore. Eventually, boiler repairs become so expensive that opting for an oil boiler installation is the more economical choice.

A new boiler gives you an opportunity to find a system equipped with better features that can meet your home’s current needs. This article discusses all you need to know on what to look for in a new oil boiler.

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Factors To Consider When Buying An Oil Boiler

Replacing your oil boiler is a complex process. Try to give yourself sufficient time to check various options. You should also determine your home’s exact heating needs. You can consult an HVAC professional for advice and information if you aren’t familiar with what to look for. This way, you can get clear answers to your questions. They will also assist you so you make informed decisions throughout this undertaking. Here are several important considerations when buying an oil boiler:

Oil Boiler Type

Homeowners can have either a steam boiler or a hot water boiler. These two types work similarly, with some key differences. For instance, steam boilers offer higher heating temperatures and require fewer accessories. On the other hand, hot water boilers have better efficiency and a safer design. They can also sufficiently heat small to average-sized homes. Heating oil or natural gas can power these systems. Many households in NJ use home heating oil as it offers low cost and excellent availability.

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Heating Oil Boiler Size

People often assume that having a large-sized boiler is better. However, this isn’t true because each home has a boiler size that will work best for them. Getting a heating system that’s too big will cause HVAC short cycling. The boiler will turn off when your house reaches the set temperature too fast. This switching off and on can hasten wear and tear, which results in early breakdowns. Most homeowners get the same boiler size that they had before. However, it is recommended that you let an HVAC professional conduct the calculations for boiler sizing to get precise numbers.

Oil Boiler Efficiency

image of efficiency rating and efficient home boiler systemThe price of the boiler shouldn’t be the only consideration homeowners have. Typically, heating systems have the highest energy consumption in households. Therefore, reducing the heater’s operational cost should be done as well. A high-efficiency boiler helps keep your fuel bills low. This may have a higher upfront cost, but it ultimately saves you money. The AFUE rating is the measurement of the unit’s ability to convert fuel to energy through a heating season. You can get better results with a higher AFUE rating. The Energy Star label can be found on the highest-efficiency boilers.

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Oil-Fired Boiler Maintenance

Heating systems require care to last longer and operate well. Different boilers have slightly different maintenance service needs. It is recommended that you learn about them before buying a boiler so you can be sure that you can handle the ownership demands. Remember that not all maintenance work will be done by homeowners as some need the experience and expertise of trained HVAC technicians. Furthermore, book professional maintenance at least once a year to ensure system longevity.


Boiler Venting Requirements

Boilers require ventilation to get rid of the exhaust gasses from fuel combustion. Check which one best fits your home’s design. Boilers that use chimneys have a vertical stack to remove gasses passively. Low-density fumes naturally rise until an opening is reached. On the other hand, power-vented boilers have fans to push the gasses out. A blower lets the boiler vent via a side wall if your home doesn’t have a chimney. However, this needs a big open room full of air. Lastly, confined spaces are enough for direct-vented boilers as they don’t depend on indoor air.

Regional Climate

house in winter that uses heating oil

Regional climate also largely dictates how harder the heating system works. Some places only get cold enough to use a boiler during winter. Other areas make it a necessity to use boilers for longer. Homeowners should choose a boiler that can manage the load their household needs.

Oil Boiler Brand Name

All manufacturers try their hand at making innovations. Some companies have proven to be better at boiler creation than others. For instance, there are brands known to generate durable and efficient boilers. They may be more responsive about repairs under warranty as well. Homeowners should research the top brands on the market. Ask recommendations from trusted friends as well. HVAC contractors have years of experience in the industry to provide you with the most helpful advice.



The correct boiler that best fits your home relies on your unique situation. Have a reputable local HVAC technician assist you in making your search easier. If you have an oil-powered system, look for another oil boiler to reduce your replacement expenses. Find one that best matches your needs in terms of brand, system capacity, venting needs, and efficiency rating.

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