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6 Reasons Why Your Furnace Keeps Tripping Your Circuit Breaker

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Furnaces utilize electricity to work. If the circuit breaker trips, your furnace’s operation comes to a complete halt. If the cause is a power surge, a furnace reset will put things back in order. However, when a furnace trips circuit breaker over and over means that resets won’t cut it. This issue needs to be inspected immediately as it could potentially be dangerous. Have a professional help you find the root cause for this problem so that it can be resolved immediately.

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The Reason Furnaces Need Electricity

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Furnaces mainly use fuel in the heating process. However, your heating system must receive continuous electricity because a few furnace parts need electrical power to work. Without electricity, your furnace cannot operate as it should. Here are some of the components that need electricity:

  • Blower Motor: Furnaces have a blower motor that circulates warm air throughout your house. Without power, the motor won’t work, and the warm air will not be distributed. The warm air will stay in the area near your furnace, so there will be uneven heating.
  • Electronic Ignition: If you have an older furnace, it most likely has a pilot light for ignition. Modern systems have mostly been replaced with electronic ignitions. It is more reliable but needs electricity to work. Without electricity, you cannot switch on your furnace at all.
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6 Possible Causes For Furnace Circuit Breaker Trips

A breaker that keeps tripping points to a problem. It will reoccur over and over despite repeated resets. It is essential to find what is causing the problem so you have an idea of how you should proceed. Here are six of the usual culprits that are causing your circuit breaker to trip:

1. Dirty Furnace Filter

image of a dirty hvac air filter

A clogged furnace filter overworks your system. The trapped dirt, dust, and other debris restrict proper airflow. Consequently, your system uses more power so that it works as it should. The circuit can then overload, and the breaker will trip. Make sure that you conduct visual checks on your HVAC filter regularly. Clean or replace them when necessary.

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2. Faulty Furnace Motor

Your furnace might have a malfunctioning motor. For instance, it could have worn-out wires from constant use. This will lead to problems like shorts that could trip the circuit breaker. Contact your local, trusted HVAC technician for a motor replacement right away. Avoid this problem by making sure that your system receives annual HVAC tune-ups.

3. Something Is Blocking Air Vents And Registers

opening hvac air vent

The same issue occurs when registers or air vents get blocked. You might have rearranged furniture and unknowingly placed some objects in front or over the vents. Your furnace will then strain to provide warm air to your home and waste energy in the process. Therefore, ensure that nothing is blocking the air vents so that proper airflow resumes.

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4. Electric Panel Requires Repair

The furnace might not be the culprit in some cases. A faulty electrical panel might be what is causing the breaker to trip. Get in touch with a professional to have it repaired immediately.

5. Leaks In The HVAC Ductwork

hvac air ducts

Any holes or gaps in your ductwork cause air to leak through and lead to system inefficiency. The warm air escapes instead of being distributed throughout your house. Therefore, your heating equipment works double-time to replace the lost heated air. This strain can cause the circuit breaker to trip.

6. Overloaded Circuit

The furnace uses a huge amount of power to work. Connecting it to a circuit breaker along with other home appliances can cause overloading. Thus, it should have its own circuit to avoid overloading. Make sure that any power tools and lights are placed far from the furnace circuit as well.

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Steps To Take When Your Furnace Is Causing The Circuit Breaker To Trip

The following are some of the things you can do in this situation:

Check The Furnace Filter

Conduct regular HVAC air filter checks. Dust and dirt can build up on the furnace filter as time passes. The air cannot flow properly if you do not clean or replace this component regularly.


Ensure Proper Airflow

Remove furniture, plants, or other objects blocking the registers and vents. Make sure that they are open at all times, even those in unoccupied rooms.

Ductwork Inspection

The duct system can be challenging to maintain. Therefore, it is best to leave it to the professionals. Contact your trusted technician to perform inspections and cleaning as needed. This way, the job gets done quicker and more efficiently.

Furnace Repair

image of furnace with furnace ignitor problems

Never conduct DIY furnace repairs unless you have the training and knowledge needed. You might think you save more money this way, but you could only end up doing more damage to your furnace. Your furnace’s electrical issues should be left in the hands of a professional for prompt and trustworthy solutions.

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Problems with your circuit breaker could be potentially serious. If your furnace is causing it to trip, check the list above for the possible cause. Don’t delay its repair as overloading can result in dangers like fire. Get a professional HVAC technician to help you immediately to avoid hassle and to keep your home safe.

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